Men Deal With Ex Girlfriends - But how?

Updated on 06 Dec 2008, Published on 03 Dec 2008

They say that there are only the Seven Wonders of the World, but the men who deal with their ex girlfriends are no less than the eighth wonder. The number of men who can efficiently deal with their ex girlfriends and even be friends with them, do deserve a pat on their shoulders for doing such a brave act. There is also an amusing saying about those men who can be friends with their ex girlfriends, ‘The men who can remain friends with their exes are strong enough to face more than three heart attacks’. It may appear as just a joke but being friends with your ex is not a safe thing to do both for the heart as well as for the mind. Being friends with ex girlfriends is just like being in a water-tight compartment with people splitting the buckets of water on your head.

When a relationship ends, it leaves both the good as well as some not-so-good memories. Men are known for their image of keeping the not-so-good memories with them and that is what makes them comparatively more stubborn than women. Most men would agree that it is definitely not an easy thing to do to be so called ‘just friends’ with someone with whom you used to be more than just friends.

When someone like Peter, who used to dream about marrying his girlfriend Susie, attends the marriage of Susie after their break up and even fulfils the responsibility of the ‘Best man’, then the community of the stubborn as well as egoistic men is bound to feel bad about it. Most men can’t do what Peter did because there are not many people who have ‘such a big heart’.

However, the men with a small sized or normal sized heart can argue that being just friends with their ex girlfriends makes them feel like an idiot and becoming a laughing stock in the society. There is no two ways about it that people like Peter sometimes become the laughing stock of the society as their so-called ‘big heart’ might get a hole in it. On the other hand people like Peter can put up appoint that instead of having any ill feeling for a dead relationship it is better to be happy and start a new relationship with the same person. Also, by being close to their exes, they atleast still have a chance. The debate can go on and on. However, the answer is not less interesting than the question!

To find out the answer do check out the article, Men Friends with their ex girlfriends How possible is this? Also, read ‘How to make my ex miss me’ and find feel free to share your precious views, inputs or queries with us.

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