Aries man in Love

Updated on 09 Dec 2008, Published on 09 Dec 2008

Aries, as we all know, is the first one of the Zodiac signs and people born from 21 March to 20 April have this Astrological sign.

Creativity, Devotion and Leadership qualities are a common trait of Arians but they can also be very much possessive and ego oriented. The Aries sign is a fire sign ruled by the Mars, so Both Aries men as well as Aries women are adventurous, passionate and exuberant.

Aries woman loves to be in the company of the enthusiastic companions and Aries man likes people who love finding and trying new things and appreciate their generosity. However, talking about Aries man in love, it is amusingly said that ‘Aries men never fall in love they just rise in love.’ It is so because fulfillment plays a vital role for Aries men and they channelize their energizing attitude not only while working but during romance also.

An Aries man has a dominating nature and that dominating nature plays significant role in deciding about the future of Aries love life. An Aries man in love usually likes a partner who is ready to play second fiddle to him. They have high sex drives and their partner has to have a giving feeling. They would lose their love interest if the other person does not treat them as the top most priority.

Aries men follow the motto, ‘when they love, they love it passionately and when they hate, they do it fiercely’ and are well-known as the fiercesome lovers. They just want an undivided attention of their beloved and if they didn’t get it, it is bound to give way to their temperamental trait. However, they are loyal and would never cheat on a loving and caring partner but are mostly misunderstood.

Although, finding the perfect Aries love matches is a bit difficult, but do check out the article, ‘What are Aries Best love matches’? and know more about Aries love compatibility.

Also, read many other exciting articles on the intricacies of relationship and feel absolutely free to share your precious views, queries, inputs or experiences.

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