Being Friends With Women - Is this Possible ?

Updated on 13 Mar 2009, Published on 23 Jun 2008

‘Being friends with women', it sounds as if one desperately wants to have something really sweet but somehow, realizes that he is diabetic. We all know that women are the most difficult, yet enchanting creatures, (Oh! For all you ladies out there, We mean to say that women are the ‘charming beauties’), but what is more difficult, it is to understand the complexity of their minds. We wonder about that brain which makes a woman say ‘we are just friends’ (We mean it is quite heart dwelling to hear that). This vicious ‘Friend Zone’ is an impossible riddle to solve, so let’s not go into the complicated question of ‘being just friends’ and just find out the benefits of being in the friend zone with a woman.

Don’t you like to be in the company of the woman you seriously adore? The answer is definitely a big ‘yes’. But you just don’t want to be in the Friend Zone.

Hmm…. Don’t worry champ, trust us, women are so very much confused in themselves that they start thinking when there is absolutely no need to think (hey ladies! We just mean to say that you all belong to a class of great ‘Thinkers’). Being a woman’s friend provides you an opportunity to understand her.

Find out what she likes the most, what are her dislikes, her mood swings, and many other important traits about her personality. (And even after knowing so much about a woman, you actually understand nothing. So, friendship with women definitely makes you eligible for a Nobel).

Well! We have nothing personal against women (You believe us?), but like every coin has two sides, similarly there are some jolly good benefits of making friends with a woman. Its biggest advantage is that it gives a man more time to judge whether the person he loves is really the right choice or not.

A man can be with that woman of his dreams and judge, if his choice is really a worth. The irritating friend zone provides an opportunity for some introspection to the man. The undying affection or the so-called pure and true love can also be tested during these times as you will be able to understand gradually whether you both are really made for each other or is that just a case of you being mad for her.

Women use this friend zone in order to feel absolutely secure as well as to remain tension-free and enjoy life. They think (take into consideration ‘think’) that they can act cleverly, by making a lover cum foolish friend dance on their tunes. We agree that women are quite balanced in their approach and their brain is indeed like that of a chameleon (Oops! We think we did it again.)

Some men, on the other hand, are no less than these ‘ever friendly’ women. In fact, they are more dumbos as they just don’t want friendship with woman, as it zeroes their chances of having sex with them. C’mon guys have a chill pill and think with a cool head. You will realize that it is more fun in being just a friend with a woman.

Sex is not the only thing for you and for making the woman realize that you are the best thing that ever happened to her, you have to be with her (and Sex would eventually happen as it is a gradual process).

However, the need is to understand the right techniques of how to enrich the benefits of being in the friend zone with a woman. So, champ it depends upon you, as how you extract the benefits of this intriguing situation and after a bit of introspection, turn the circumstances into your favour, but do it only if you realize that you really want to do so.

Till then have fun!!! 

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wow enjoyful article
it is impossible to b frnds with ladies
they all are stupid

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