Body Language of a Cheating Husband

Updated on 30 Jan 2009, Published on 29 Jan 2009

A Cheating husband is definitely not a good thing for any wife, but if somehow a husband is cheating on his wife then the onus is on the wife to catch the cheater red-handed. Now the first question that comes to mind is how to catch a cheating husband? Well! The body language of a cheating husband is enough to catch the liar. So without taking much of your precious time, Top54u team brings to you some body language signs of a cheating husband, which would help you to judge whether your man is cheating on you! Just go through the following 5 telltale signs and catch a cheating spouse:

1.) Eyes say it all: As they say, eyes say it all and especially a man’s eyes are the mirror of the abstract feelings within his mind. If your husband stays away from having any sort of eye contact with you then there is indeed ‘something cooking’ on his front.

2.) Acting Normal: One of the most commonly noticeable signs of a cheating spouse is that he tries his best to act normal and in this effort he often fails. You can clearly observe that there is a sort of superficiality on his part and you often get a sense of ‘something fishy’ from your husband’s side.

3.) Voice modulation: Pay attention to the pitch of the voice when your husband would answer to some of your interrogative questions. There would be either an unusual rise or fall or both in the voice pitch or your man would start stammering while answering your query. 

4.) Busy man: Your man would try to act as the busiest man in the whole world when he is home. You would notice that he is projecting an image of a too busy man and in order to hide his cheating feelings, a cheating spouse would form an image as if he has to finish off some urgent official work and the task is unending.  

5.) Unusual body language: The last but definitely not the least sign of a cheating husband is his over-confident or confidence-lacking body language. The Body Language is the greatest detective device that can trace the cheater within your husband. He would always appear a bit nervous because of the fear of getting caught, but all in vain.

The top 5 body language signs would act as an efficient lie-detector test to catch a cheating husband. We hope you would never need to use them. Good luck for your married life.

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