Body Language Signs of Lying

Updated on 10 Jun 2008, Published on 10 Jun 2008

Body Language Signs of Lying

The Body Language is the greatest detective device that can trace the liar within you. Its a really fascinating study with many remarkable signs which can bring out every abstract feeling within you.

There are some body language signs of lying that can get you in trouble, if you try to play such a game with someone. If you are looking out for ways to successfully lie to your spouse, then this piece of information is definitely going to help you out in a big big way. Also if you want to check out whether someone is lying to you, you are at the right place.

So, what are those signs???
How to judge whether he/she is lying to you?

There is no need to go for the lie-detector test, just to check out the liar, instead go through the body language signs given below:

1) Eye contact

An important sign of a liar can be seen from the eyes of the liar itself. A liar either tries to use his eyes for giving the impression that he is genuine or altogether stays away from eye contact.

2) Busy image

The signs that he/she is a liar also include the liar forming an image of a busy person in order to hide his emotions.

3) Change in voice

The voice of a liar would unusually be changed such as the pitch could either get too high or too low or clearing of throat or stammering etc , all indicate the person is lying.

4) Quaint body language

The person who is telling a lie would either be lacking confidence or would be over-confident.

5) A sense of “something is wrong”

There is always a feeling of something fishy about the unusual body language of a liar.

6) Got you!

If the Body Language does not support the liar, he sometimes himself confesses to lying, that is why today the liars work on their body language first and afterwards on the Lie.

7) Superficiality

However, the basic and foremost sign of a liar is that somehow, he forgets to remain normal, although he tries to be normal but all in vain.

Going for these signs is the simplest lie-detector method, so next time catch the liar with the help of BODY LANGUAGE.

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