Loving Two Women in Your Life At Once - Can you afford it?

Updated on 20 Oct 2008, Published on 18 Oct 2008

A boy with an Ice cream in one hand and Chocolate in the other, Wow! It sounds interesting as both are sweet. But the point to be noted is that sometimes even the boy can’t afford both of them even if they are sweet. So let’s talk about other "sweets", Yes! You guessed it right the breathtaking and gorgeous women. So can you afford loving two women at a time??

Most of the men would boast about flirting with more than two women at a time, and also that the first thing that would come to mind of some incredibly crazy people after hearing this question is "SEX" but here the thing in question is "Love" and nothing else.

The question is very intriguing as loving two women at a time is like traveling on two boats simultaneously. But the amusing part is that both look very different and fabulous in their own way. 

Suppose you somehow afford to love two women in your life at once and both are equally "sweet", then do you have the courage of confessing to any of the two, (forget about confessing to both of them), that how "full of love" you are?

Also what about the fear of getting caught by the "other one" and speaking very frankly! One cannot be truly in love with two people at the same time without any partiality.

The boy, with both hands busy with chocolate in one and an ice cream on the other was asked the question that can he afford to love Two Women In his life at Once? And his innocent reply was indeed thought provoking. He said "I love two women; one is my mom and second is my grandma".

So is it true that you can’t love two women at a time until and unless they are related to you like you can love your wife or your girlfriend and at the same time you can also love your daughter, or your Sister or your Mother or your Grandmother. A Man can definitely afford to love more than one woman but it is just not called love it is called affairs. By the way what is the need to afford two women at once when it is hard to afford even one?

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2 Responses to "Loving Two Women in Your Life At Once - Can you afford it?"

I have two girls in my life at a same time.. it is really one of the toughest decisions to make that which one should i choose.. one is ice-cream and other is chocolate.. i am really really confused .. if anyone can help me.. situation became worse when both of them come to know about it and still i am not able to choose one of them.. both girls love me and are ready to be with me forever if i choose one of them.. how to come out of this problem?
follow your heart.... you will know.

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