Cheating - Causes of Infidelity

Updated on 04 Jul 2008, Published on 03 Jul 2008
Cheating - Causes of Infidelity

A relationShip is that Ship whose smooth sailing depends upon the two most essential qualities namely: honesty and trust. But what is more thought-provoking is that in spite of knowing this fact, people do cheat their partners. Cheating is one of the most significant reasons responsible for sinking of many relationships.

Now, the next question that comes into mind is ‘what makes a person cheat?’ The following are 5 different causes that drive a person towards infidelity:

1) It’s Fun: Yes! I know many such people, who cheat their partners just for the sake of adventure as they derive a lot of fun out of this game. This is one of the basic human instincts that make a person cheat. That adventurous inner self and a strong desire to try something new, leads them to cheat their partners. They derive a strange excitement in cheating their spouse and find new ways of getting scot-free in this adventurous game. Some people just enjoy doing it.

2) Boredom and the saying that excess of anything is bad: Yes! After spending so much of time together, one gets a feeling of boredom and that may result in cheating. ‘Too much of anything is just not good’ is applicable to not only human beings but to every living being. For example; if you keep on having the same food item in your dinner, you will get fed up of that and definitely try something else. This example aptly defines what exactly leads to infidelity.

3) Bad Sex: Yes! All of you would agree with me if I say that bad sex is also one of the reasons that play a vital role in sinking the relationShip. If a person is not having a satisfying Sex life with his/her spouse then infidelity is somewhat bound to happen. However, do keep in mind that a good Sex plays a vital role in strengthening the bond between man and woman (it doesn’t mean that I have something against homosexuals).

4) Easy fulfillment of their hidden desires: Yes! It has been seen that people generally expect a lot from their partners and when they do not get their desires fulfilled from this relationship, they often move on the path of infidelity. When asked about the reason for their cheating, the reply often comes that they just not want to break off their relationship, so they just cheat in order to get whatever is missing in their spouse. Cheating provides them an easy option to fulfill their fantasies.

5) Some spouses are extremely understanding and forgiving: Yes! Having a sense of too much of mutual understanding and forgiveness can act as a double-edged sword. If there is an assurance that in spite of cheating the partner, one has no fear of getting caught then it may result in infidelity. As Jay Leno amusingly said "CNN found that Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in America. Women admire her because she's strong and successful. Men admire her because she allows her husband to cheat and get away with it." Well! I have nothing personal against Mrs. Clinton but the fact is that she really deserves a huge round of applause for such a brave act. According to me, she was the most eligible candidate for the Coveted Presidential post. The reason behind this assumption is that if she could give so much freedom to her husband, then just think about the liberty the citizens would get under this extremely forgiving President of U.S.A. (Hey! I told you I have nothing personal against Mrs. Clinton, so stop laughing and next time; do elect her as our President).

The above 5 reasons provide an ample explanation about what makes a person cheat!

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1 Responses to "Cheating - Causes of Infidelity"

I disagree with this in all ways. This is placing the blame on the partner who has been betrayed rather than clarifying that the cheater has made a poor choice. If anything, this shows SOME of the reasons why a person makes a poor choice. These are not excuses. The cheater could just as easily make a choice to either do what it takes to make the relationship better OR get out of the relationship before doing this.

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