Cheating Wives - Why Do Wives Cheat - 2

Updated on 27 Nov 2007, Published on 28 Nov 2007

Cheating wives - why do wives cheat has been the main question for many husbands for so long. So, here are the rest of the reasons behind this infidelity

5. outside interference: She may not be liking the interference or frequent visits of your friends or your parents. Maybe at some particular time, she wants you to be there for her and not your friends or any other. And when she fails to get that needed attention and stolen moments just for her, she gets frustrated and feels forced to leave you.

6. lack of space: If you being a man, need your own space in your marriage relationship, then your wife is not devoid of human feelings. She also needs some space not to betray  you or to have some extra-marital affair, but to make your relationship better. Giving some space to each other makes a relationship last longer. It minimizes the chances of further frustration. Being over-possessive is the biggest threat to your relationship. Have faith in your wife, even if she gets a chance to betray you, she won't ever do that. Why? Because she is quite aware of the fact that she has a darling husband who trusts her more than anybody else, and if she ever dares to break it, then her life would reduce to ashes.

7. clash of the egos: When two titans clash, what happens? Very simple- a big big fight. So, the moral of the fight is - No ego where there is love. Ego is the fierceful enemy of a loving relationship. If there is ego in your relationship, then it cannot survive for long. You have to forget your own desires just to make your partner happy. It will cost you nothing if you make some sacrifice for the one whom you love.

8. lack of compatibility: There are certain things that you cannot help but let it run its own course. Sometimes, we make wrong decisions in life. Just like the horizon where the earth and sky seem to meet, a marriage between two individuals of the opposite temperaments cannot survive for long. They seem to be together but indeed they are the opposite. So, quitting is the best alternative.

9. physical attraction: The reason behind your wife's betrayal could be your lack of attractiveness. She might not be feeling enough aroused by looking at you and as you know, that their is enough cream around. Why would she not take the advantage when the only thing she seeks for is lust and sex.

10. emotional dissatisfaction: Maybe she wanted you to support her emotionally in problem. She might have missed your loving presence whenever she needed you to be there for her. And when she realised that she has to solve her problems on her own, then what is the need of living in a marriage where she is still alone.


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