Cheating Wives - Why Do Wives Cheat

Updated on 26 Jan 2009, Published on 03 Dec 2007

Why do wives cheat- the most thought-provoking term used among the husbands. Its not that only wives can cheat and husbands are faultless, but here, I am going to discuss only about the infidelity among the wives. About husbands, I will discuss in my next writing. So, lets come to the topic.

A wife, in the basic sense, is a woman, who right from her birth till the very end of her life, has to play a number of  roles, out of which, the role of a wife holds a strong position.

Being a wife, she is expected to be faithful to her husband with a strong sense of devotion. She is the one who has to manage the house of her husband and their own kids. She has to act as a role model for her kids. But this all is possible only when and if she is loyal to her husband. What we see in most of the cases is that the wife betrays her husband saying that she is not happy with her husband. But why is she not happy? Nobody can answer this, only a wife can tell why she wants to leave her husband.

If this has ever happened to you being a husband, then you have the right to know why she did this to you. But how, until and unless, she tells you on her own. And this is why, I am here to help you out through the results drawn out from the survey done on the wives who left their husbands and the ones who are on their way of getting it done!

I will tell you the main possible reasons for which your wife ditched you or left you alone. There might be some weaknesses in you too, its not that only she is wrong. She is also like you, so never say that your wife was bad and thats why she left you. She has left you maybe because she found something bad in you!!!

Most of the times, i have read that wives cheat because of the faults in their husbands. I just do not agree with this fact, why only the husbands are to be blamed when their wives are equally responsible for one or the other thing. Sometimes, the husband is wrong while sometimes, the wife is wrong. Do not blame others for your own shortcomings! To eradicate this myth from your minds, I am going to enlist here top reasons behind cheating wives:-

1. extra-marital affair: Your wife might have left you because of your relationships with other woman outside your marriage. Again to break your myth here, she might have left you because of her own extra-marital affair. A wife can also be wrong.

2. sexual dissatisfaction: Your wife was not sexually satisfied with you, maybe she wanted some more of it.

3. financial stress: Your financial condition could one of the main reasons for her betrayal. A lady has to manage everything at home and for this she needs money, shortage of money can make her frustrated and force her to quit.

4. workload: Lack of husband's concern for his wife's workload may lead to sheer frustration. What a wife needs from her husband is a bit of genuine concern for her loaded responsibilities. She has to take care of the house, she has to earn money and for this she works hard at her workplace, looks after your kids, takes care of you and your kids' health and entertain you on bed whenever you desire. Have you ever dared to even think of all this? I mean, a woman is really great who plays so many roles in just one life. Every should realise this! This maybe the reason why she left you, she might not be getting your concen and a helping hand in all the household responsibilities.

These things she is not doing for herself, rather to make her home the best place in this world for you and your family.

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Hey this is a nice article, I actually like the clear ideas, arguments, .. i am moving to the 2nd part :)

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