Divorce Dos and Donts

Updated on 28 Jun 2008, Published on 27 Jun 2008

Divorce Dos and Donts

To unbind the vine that had been tying the two of you together is truly very difficult. Once you have made the decision to separate nothing can make you to budge even slightly. However, filing a divorce can bring to light many unresolved family issues and other minor conflicts.

This is one of the most crucial phases of your life where you need to be prepared psychologically, emotionally and financially as well. The more you are financially and emotionally strong the more smoothly will you sail. Beware of the pitfalls and make sure of avoiding it.

So, here are some tips which must be kept in mind in order to take preventive measures.

Things to be done:

1) If you want quicker and easier results in divorce then be reasonable and co-operate with your spouse.

2) Consult with a good attorney, who will take care of all your interest during the proceedings. Maintain an account of the lawyer’s fee and review all your affidavits and motions.

3) Often tensions and anger take the better of you, which prevents you from communicating with your spouse. However, it is best to communicate and gain information about the assets and properties for later on issues regarding these things often crop up which further complexes the matter due to lack of communication.

4) Keep a photocopy of all the relevant an important documents which includes bank statement, mortgage payments, tax returns, bond certificates etc.

5) Cancel all joint accounts, for if you continue to share your accounts then you will have to bear all the expenses of your spouse which may in turn dig a hole in your pocket.

6) Make a full disclosure about your properties and assets if not the court might rule against your interest and you may be even thrown out of the property settlement.

7) Discuss everything with your attorney; if you don’t understand anything seek your attorney’s help to clarify it.

8) Assure your children that you love them and that it’s not their fault. Support them and do not ask them to take sides.

9) While working out on the permanent custody of children, let your soon to be ex know about your plans of meeting the children.

10) After divorce, avoid direct meetings with your ex spouse.

Things to be avoided:

1) Do not yell, call names and fight with your spouse in front of your children.

2) Do not sign any paper without going through it.

3) Do not pay money directly to your spouse.

4) Do not move out of the house until the court issue an order. If you fear physical abuse then talk to your lawyer.

5) Do not infringe any visitation arrangement for this might backfire at you which might let you lose the permanent custody of your children.

6) Do not hide property from your spouse by giving it to your friends or relatives and plan to take back for this can let your spouse drag you back to the court for settlement.

7) Do not attempt to move to another country or switch jobs till the divorce proceedings are settled for your new life might interfere in the process which may take longer than required.

8) Do not use your children to spy on your former partner or ask them to deliver anything to your ex. Do not ask them to choose whom they want to live with.

9) Do not fear of starting a new relationship.

10) Do not miss any appearance in the court.

Lay out a well prepared plan and move ahead following it, for one wrong move on your part may lead to pass a judgment against you. It’s better to refrain from doing something which we might regret later on. It is a complicated process so, do not go alone.


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