Effects of Divorce on Society

Updated on 20 Jun 2008, Published on 20 Jun 2008

Effects of Divorce on Society

Divorce has become very common in our society. Earlier, to get a divorce one of the partner’s infidelity had to be proved, but today, with the prevailing law, getting a divorce has become much easier. With the sudden rise in the divorce rate, people's belief in the sanctity of marriage has reduced. Marriages have become fraudulent and have great effects on society at large. A couple of years ago, divorce was considered a social taboo, which indicated the failure on the part of both the partners to lead a successful family together.

But the children of today's generation view divorce as a part and parcel of family life which is very normal. With the increased rate of divorce, the pace of emotional instability and crime rate is also quickening. Its effect on the family life, interference in the development of the children and adolescent, job stability and crime is obvious.

In the American society, young lovers get married easily without knowing and understanding the person properly. But when they start living together, they begin to realize each other's potential, behaviors etc. which they find hard to cope up with. And the ultimate solution is, getting a divorce, which results in bringing up of the children by a single parent. And a lot of flaws in the character of the children are noticed, who have been brought up in the absence of their father, which contributes to the deterioration of the society to a large extent. Seeing the instability of their families, today the youth’s curiosity of having a stable life and family has increased.

Divorce has become a sort of an epidemic in today’s society and poses a big threat to it. To give the love of both parents by a single parent is a difficult task, though not impossible. But the moral support that both the parents give is different in its own way. A single parent cannot fill the hollowness that is within the children. And this may lead to the moral degradation of the child. The cause and effect of divorce can go to such an extent that it might leave a permanent scar on the mind of the children which might last forever, forcing the child to indulge in violent crimes. Researchers have shown that children from divorced families mostly resort to robbery, and drug abuse.

It is high time now that the society itself must do something to preserve the sanctity of marriage. For if the pace of divorce continues to increase at such an alarming rate, then the society itself would be adulterated. And people would lose faith in the stability of love, marriage and long lasting relationships. And life would be far more stressful than it is now.


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thaks 4 your assistance.pls if u cam send details on divors topic to my mail box
Pls, i need an aritcles on divorce
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2 effect of divorce in the soceity
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Who made this article? Or who published it? just needed for the references part of my paper. thanks
you are clearly bitter about this subject
would you like to talk about it?
What's your view on the effects of divorce:
a. on children
b. on the family
c. on the society (church)

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