Effects of Divorce on Women

Updated on 20 Jun 2008, Published on 20 Jun 2008

Effects of Divorce on Women

A marriage that has led to a divorce, has a deep impact on the mind of the woman, leaving her tired, insecure, mentally and physically weak. All through my life I have seen all the ups and downs of life that it has to offer. And I know how it feels to be shaken morally. I have seen a number of marriages which ended up into separation. And the trauma these women go through is not only the mental trauma, but also the sufferings they undergo, so as to survive and make a living, to bring up their children as a responsible single parent.

Women as such are the most affected. The toughest times to deal with are the initial stages of divorce. It stresses us out totally making us totally devastated. It makes us feel insecure, helpless, worn out. We seem to forget the meaning of life with all our hopes shattered and scattered all around us. The feeling of rejection engulfs us to such an extent that we start losing our self esteem. With no one around to comfort us at such a crucial stage, a sense of insecurity and guilt overcomes us. We begin to blame ourselves for all that has happened. As a result of which, we suffer from depression. We begin to question ourselves about the challenges that time has set for us.

Often women are troubled with thoughts like how will I pay the bills that have already piled up? How will I make a new beginning with so much of burden and responsilibility already on my shoulder? How will I parent my child and will I get alimony for my child? How will I clear the dues of the divorce lawyer? Whom shall I approach for help? These are the matters that usually bother a woman apart from going through the mental agony. What one can do at this juncture is seek advice from a lawyer who will tell you about the divorce rights.

Most often, women conclude that divorce is the key to freedom from an unhappy marriage. But we forget to realize the fact that it is very difficult to recover from it.

Reasons and causes that lead to divorce are many. One might consider that the best thing to put an end to all the pains would be to end the marriage. But before jumping into such a conclusion, right away sit back and think about it, for u might regret it at a later stage of your life. For most women, who are divorced, say if they had known the obvious, then they would have never asked for a divorce.


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