Healthy Relationship between Parents and Children

Updated on 25 Mar 2009, Published on 04 Dec 2008

Fostering a healthy relationship between the parents and their children is very important. Interaction between the parents and children is very important in order to build a healthy relationship. Children are like clay and can be molded in any form when they are still young but once they grow up into adults they will form the same opinion and impression that has been made to see when they were still a child. It is said that the attachment of the early child-parent relationship lays the foundation of the child’s later social life, which is why it is very important to understand the attachment you share with your children.

Not every parents and children share the same relationship. You will see a complete contrast between two families. You will find a wide gap between two parent-child interactions. For instance Hannah, a 3-year old child, climbs high up on a tree and throws the toys when he hears his mother calling. Smiling nervously his mother exclaims "what am I to do with this child". In another family, Christie gets into the counter and hid herself when her father is cooking. Seeing his daughter the father playfully calls out her name and talks to her in a more friendly and matured manner.

The interaction between Christie and her father is the most harmonious and is the most appropriate. However, you will see an interaction such as this quite less. The attachment between the child and the parents is the most lasting unique tie which is bound by emotions. Researches have shown that a child demands for secured attachment and it is the parents’ responsibility to cater to the needs of the children as this is going to influence the future of the child. The behavior of the parents must be more inclined to being considerate, sensitive, responsive, comfortable, warm, positive, and attentive. Also consider the child to be unique in some or the other way. The children need to be taught about.

The basic foundation that has to be laid in order to establish a healthy relationship between children and parents is to have a supportive and trusting relationship. Researchers have suggested that parents must understand the fact that it is their duty to comfort the child and help them by facilitating to explore the world. Also the parents need to understand the typical child development strategy. Parents may sometimes find difficulty in balancing with the child’s desire to explore with need to set the boundaries. However, parents ought to understand the mindset of the children and respond to them with warmth and care. And one very important thing that parents should understand is that the feeling of homelessness impacts the relationship between the child and the parents.

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