Homemade Sea Salt Facial Scrub

Updated on 27 Jan 2009, Published on 26 Jan 2009

A sea salt scrub is a blend of pure sea salt combined with protective or moisturizing oils. Apply the mixture on your wet skin and gently scrub it in circular motion for about a minute and wash it off with clear water. Note the difference in your skin after scrubbing it with the sea salt scrub. It leaves rough, scaly skin soft. For scrubbing cracked heels this scrub is the best, you can scrub for as long as you want and after washing it off apply a heavy duty moisturizer for protection.

Sea salt treatments are the best treatment for removing dry, scaly skin. It nourishes the skin and increases blood circulation thereby eliminating the toxins. Sea salt is rich in minerals and contains sodium, zinc, calcium, iodine, magnesium etc that helps in polishing the skin. Of all the sea salts that are there, Dead Sea salt is the best for the scrub as it is richer in minerals then the normal sea salt. Dead Sea salt, unlike the common sea salt is not edible because of the low content of sodium and higher presence of other minerals.

Cleopatra, the legendary beauty queen’s age old beauty secret for youthful and silky skin is the effect of the cosmetics and other useful salt baths that was made from the dead sea salt. Following are some of the home made sea salt scrubs that you can try your hands on:

Tough Skin Rub

Take 4 cups of sea salt, 2 oz of almond oils and 6 oz of water. Mix the three properly and set it aside. Now wet the entire body and rub the mixture on your body starting from your feet. Rub it either in a circular motion or vertical motion to scale off the dead skin. Wash it with clear water and repeat the procedure to leave your skin soft and smooth.

Sea Salt and Olive Oil Scrub

Take a tablespoon of olive oil and 1/2 tablespoon of sea salt. Mix the two properly and apply it on wet face gently scrubbing it in circular motion. This scrub will help remove the dead skin as well as improve the micro circulation. The olive oil will nourish your skin making it soft.

Sea Salt Face Scrub

You can also scrub your face with only the sea salt. Wet your face and take some salt and put it on your face. Scrub your face avoiding the eye area and focusing on the cheeks and T-zone. You can scrub your face as regularly as you can since this will help the moisturizer penetrate deep into your skin. You can screen daily but make sure that you scrub atleast once a week.

Sea Salt and Aloe Vera Scrub

Sea salt scrub is best for the teenagers and helps in preventing acne. The scrub not only moisturizes but also cleans the skin. Add some aloe vera gel in to the sea salt and mix it. Mix it well to form a thick and moist paste. Instead of aloe vera you can also use a good moisturizer.

Apricot Kernel and Sea Salt Exfoliating Scrub

Take 2 cups of sea salt (coarse), 1/2 cup of apricot kernel oil and mix it properly. Use a loofah or a cloth to apply it. Apply the paste in smooth circular motion and press your finger flat on the skin but apply firm pressure as you move on. The oil is full of vitamins that your skin needs and the salt makes it easier for the oil to penetrate into the skin.

Sea salt can be used as a detoxifier since it helps in drawing out the toxins from the skin. Before taking a shower, apply a paste of sea salt and water. Leave it for a minute or so, this will help in removing the toxins from the skin which will make your skin refreshing. In some of the most expensive spa, sea salt treatment is being used so there is no harm in trying out this treatment at home on your own.

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I have been looking for a recipe for a salt scrub that is in a gel. I had a massage thearpist use this dead sea salt scrub on me the was in a gel form. Any ideas?

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