Tips on How To Choose the Right Shoe Size

Updated on 11 Dec 2009, Published on 11 Dec 2009

Choosing the right size of shoe is one of the basic requirements. Wrong-sized footwear means feeling uncomfortable while wearing it. Shoes that are smaller than the size of your feet is more likely to cause foot pain and other problems. Shoes that are too large, on the other hand, can cause blistering and a lack of stability. So before you set out to buy your footwear, measure the size of your shoes in order to choose the correct shoe size. The feet tend to become larger or smaller with years so never stick to one size while buying your shoe.

The best way is to get your feet measured each time you go to buy a shoe. You can even measure your feet by yourself to determine the size. Measuring the size of your feet is quite easy. But before going through the tips, let us take a look at the things required for measuring the size of your feet. A large sheet of paper, measuring tape, ruler and a pencil are the things required to carry out the measurement.

Following are the tips to measure the size of your feet to assist you in how to choose the right shoe size:

1) Tag the paper on a flat surface in order to prevent it from moving.

2) Whether in the sitting or the standing position, place one foot firmly on the paper with your socks on and mark the outline.

3) Take a ruler and draw straight lines on all the sides of the outline to make it easier for you to measure.

4) First measure the length of the out line and note it down in a piece of paper. And then measure the width.

5) Follow the first 4 steps for the other foot as well. Compare the sizes of both the feet and use the larger size to buy the shoes of your size.

Evening is the best time of the day to measure the size of your feet. And yes, when you buy your shoe, the best way to choose your size is either by taking the measurement along or by trying the shoe and press your finger on top of your longest toe. If it hurts, then it is too small for your feet and if there is much space, then it is too large. Walk around wearing the shoes and if you are comfortable, then that is just your size.

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