How To Make A Man Happy In Bed

Updated on 29 May 2009, Published on 15 Feb 2008

How to make a man happy in bed - Sometimes, being physical with your man whom you love dearly, becomes dull and monotonous. Why so? This is a fact, everything in this world seems to get dull, though it is not so, it is the style or manner with which we handle certain things and situations that become dull. And for that, one or the other has to make some efforts to make things exciting around you.

And if your sexual activity with your man is getting quite predictable, then its the time to bring some changes. Do not always take your man for granted, I mean, do not always expect him to initiate the love-making, why can't you begin to express what you desire for?

This will make the environment really hot!!! Your man will feel the happiest ever!

As suprises are always welcomed to make your relationship happening!

Wake him up with sex, giving his body your hot sighs and sensuous gestures anywhere and everywhere you like! This is the hottest thing a woman can do to arouse her man to the climax. We bet!

Never lie down on bed with your man like a dummy, instead take the initiative to make your man happy.

Just ignore other distractions around or outside your bedroom- At the time of love-making, if there is happening something outside your house or the voices of your family members trying to distract you. Just look into each other's eyes and have a laugh and continue.

Also, do not hesitate to tell your man indirectly, that what and how you want him to treat you when in bed. Its your duty to make your partner aware of what kind of sexual pleasure you want and in what manner. With this, both of  you will enjoy the act of love making without any desires unfulfilled.

And please, please, never make your man feel that he is or was wrong somewhere while having sex with you. As this will shatter his self-confidence thereby making the things worse for both of you. If you felt that he was lacking something or gone wrong somewhere, then have a chat just after sex. Ask him in a different way if you were wrong somewhere in making him happy or was lacking something, then he will tell you that. And in return, he will also ask you the same thing, and then you tell him what you felt about his performance in bed.

This way, you will understand each other better.

Switching off the lights at the time of love making is a major turn-off for your man. Men want to see what they want to touch, so be confident of your body and present yourself in a sensual way. Just let him see you, your expressions and your body.

Talking dirty will make the situation even hotter than before. Get wild and say something really sexy in his ears. He will get highly aroused. He will simply love this wild side of your personality.

Now, the last thing for you to keep in your mind is that men love to become dominant in sex, so initiate with your hot gestures and give the whole charge to your man. Let him rule over you!

Just remember, your man is never going to tell you what he wants or desires for, and if you follow the above discussed tips, then surely the things are going to work for you! Just a bit of your own confidence turned into efforts can make your dreams come true!

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59 Responses to "How To Make A Man Happy In Bed"

mediatrice dianna
your advices are very helpfull and they showed me the mistakes I did with my previous men and I hope I gonna change it now.
thanks for your help
i need to know how my man can forget what happened between us 7months ago, someone told my man that i cheated on him, and know he keeps having images in his head of me and the other man togther and unless i come up with a solution today i am going to loose him i have been given till 4o'oclock today or we are finished i have been with him for 3 years and i love him loads and really dont want to loose him i really need your help and advice a.s.a.p.
pleae help me now please.
im gonna try this. this sounds really good.
my fiance and i are starting to get a dull sex
life, and i want to find ways to spice it up.
im usually not a freak, but i will do these
tips. he is a biggg sex finatic, and i know
he'll love me waking him up to sex.

nanyanzi judith
this is so so sweet and sexy
patricia chimaliro
This has helped me alot. now a'm able to make my hasband happy each time in bed without any problem.
me and my boyfriend has been in long-distance relationship for over 3 years and we haven't seen each other in person yet. It's really hard for us to be apart. Please help me how to conquer this loneliness of mine

how can i tell my man that i am tired of the position that he is using ? what can i do to to be sexual with my man ?thanks
recently my husband is loosing sex interests...i tried to grow his interest again but i failed...i did a lots of foreplay...but no response...sometime i find night falls on his inners....he admits that he is loosing interest in sex...he tries but some time his body does not response...he is 35 and i m 28...our sexual intercourse only happens once a how can i overcome this problem?????????????//
i have done very thing i no and i can not make him happy in bed i do what he like but he will not do any thing that i like in bed and i love having sex when him now he will not come to bed at all and i dont no what to do about it i love having sex. darlene
My man loves sex with all his heart.We always i mean always make love every night before we sleep and that makes me happy.I will try the tips above they will come in handy although my sex life is gr8!
i was just wondering when makeing passionate love what things does a man like to here or want to here to make them feel special. me and my bf have been together for 3 months it was like love at first sight. he doesnt tell me but he shows it more than i could ever imagine. and i tell him every day that i love him and how much he means to me. but im scared that im lacking somewhere in the bedroom and i do pretty much everyting he wants me to do. hes never complained but im still scared bc he seems to think other women are sexy and very attractive ive done every thing i could to put myself up to that level but all he says is u look pretty. please can u tell me wat im doing wrong.
Me and my boyfriend are in a distance relationship and i miss him a lot we have been each other for almost 10yrs know. His sex performance is very good the only thing that i don,t like about us is that everytime when we see each other he is struggling to have sex with me cause it sore i feel like am still virgin and i can see that he is not happy about this cause last time he complained to me so what can i do he said it means my attention is not on what we are doing is somewhere else. Then two days after i feel fine start to enjoy our sex please help me .
me and my husband have great sex sometimes, i like sex a lot and my husband too . but sometimes i think that he doesnt feel the same as before i had a baby and i feel so open from the bottom and i think he doesnt get that satisfied !! about the dirty talk umm i sometimes talk to him really dirty and believe me that really works!! try it!! but sometimes i think i go to far and after sex i feel terrrible!!
my name is Cabrina && my boyfriend & I we hit off fast.
the sex was great at first but now it's getting dull & old...
We are Engaged now but we don't have sex like we use to do.
i need your help.
I feel like am losing him as we don't really communicate with one another.
we are very happy with on another it's just are sex life!!
I try so many diff. things but he goes back to the same old thing!!
Which he agree that it is getting dull/old.
but he want take the advice i show & do with him.
he just go back doing the same-thing.

P.s. plz help me to become more out there for my boyfriend??
Jessie Rae
i have tried all of these my boyfriend really into sex as am i so we get pretty wiled in the bedroom but on 5-9-09 i had a miscarriage and for a wile my boyfriend would even touch me in that way but after a week it straightened back out but now i want to make things even more pleasurable for him and for me to i wanna boost up the fun i just haven't quite figured out how!

My biyfriend never believes me about anything because of rumours Should he believe those rumoiurs at work???
I really love him
for starters can any one tell me how a women works
My husband can be very possesive sometimes. He is always wanting sex. Sometimes I hate to see the weekend come because I feel like a prisoner to my bed! We never leave it. By noon the first day I am raw and sore, not only on the outer area of my vagina but by the end of the day, I am so unaroused by him his thrustung starts to hit my cervix and then it becomes really painful. I have used lube to help with the penetration, and to give some releif from the friction. But what to do about the cervix ramming? I've talked to himn about it. He comes from a family where the wife is "obligated" to give her husband sex whenever he wants it. And my man likes it alot!
Hi,my name is roxanne and im the sex fanatic in the bedroom. I want to know how to get my man more sexually active and get him to notice me more. And i have already done whats on this page but his not much of a horndog like me. Can someone help me get him excited and want me more.
really loved this will try it
lady G
loved it
im in love with my boyfriend and he loves me too i know, but we are distance from each other, and all i ned from he is a good communication, but he lacks that, and am not happy with him on that. please help.

hi i have been married in about a year now...when he was my fiance he love sex a lot, now that we are married he just like to mastorbate...and i feel like he dont want me anymore,every night he just sleep without saying GOOD NIGHT..middle of the night he woke me up for his masturbate...plz give me an advice for should i do for him..thank you!!
I hav really leart alot on this page
what if your man is tired of sex with u and never show u any attention in bed unless he wants it.and when u want him he dont want u.what should i do
I had sex once and stayed for almost a year before my next time, i didnt enjoy it the first time i did it,it was very painfull the second time my boyfriend was too fast to please himself so i ended up hurt again and didnt enjoy it i stayed for more than nine month without having sex i now have someone that i really love and want to please him in every way possible he is happy with my fore play because i really know how to find my way to sartisfy my man the thing is i wanted him to have intercourse with me but it was too painful that we had to stop he said i wasnt ready for it, is there any way of making it less painfull? how many more time do you have to do it before you can really enjoy it?
how can you fix your sex life with a man you have been with for 12 years if he was unfaithful. but you both want to make it work. but the sex is horrible.
Me and my fiancé have been together for a year... I feel as if things have changed sooo much, and non if it is positive... He tells me he loves me constantly but our sex life is dull!!! I really get nothing out of it!!! I'm scared he's going to stray away!!! And he's talking of cheating... He now says if we cheat on one another it's fine just tell each other!!! Crazy huh!!! Sooo much is going through my mind
I recently found out that my boyfriend is looking at porn on the computer while i am at work. Naturally i was pissed to find this out. He also has all these porn sites sending him stuff to his email! I talked to him about it and he said he was bored with our sex life and likes porn but agreed to stop looking at it. However he still has all these emails being sent to him. I have agreed to try and spice things up but i feel real bad when he is looking for pleasure somewhere else when i am not home. what more can i do.
Rachelle. Maybe you should try watching porn with your boyfriend. That would spice things up! Ask him what scenes he liked and you can act them out together.
My Husband still mastorbates to me lol. The other week I sent him a hot nude pic to his phone. Our sex is great. We really want each other. I orgasm almost everytime. Sometimes but rarely he has trouble staying hard which I think most men past thirty with 2 kids and a career probably do but I also have trouble getting wet sometimes. Age I guess and the fact that ive had a baby.
my man cant have sex he just cant do it he says he loves me but how can he when he he cant have sex with me he as a go then gos soft i dont think he loves me think im just there to make is tea
I am 38. My boyfriend is 49. We have amazing sex. He is very sensitive and very attuned to my wants, needs and desires. I love giving him oral sex and he loves receiving it (obviously). Your article about waking him up was great advise and he loved it and thought it was insanely hot!!!!! Great advise and thanks!!!!
Hi I m simran 23 and my boyfreind is 28 he loves this articles and wants me to do the same process for him to satisfy. Thanks a lot...........
my man who i have bin wiyh 3 years cheeted on me i walked in and they were in my bed i forgave him but i cant get it out my head and i cant sleep with him in the same way cus i just keeps popping bk in my head and i hurts me loads need snyone to tell me wot to do cus i feel like ending it with him is that saying once they cheet once they will again true and will the thougts in my head go away or can u forget
My boyfriend and I lost our virginities to each other recently, and it's been great. We both love sex, but he's self conscience about his performance. I tell him how amazing he makes me feel but he's still worried he's not good enough or doesn't last long enough and now he's so frustrated with himself he doesn't even want to have sex anymore. How do I help him feel better? Or at least more confident in himself?
Hi Sue,

Thnx for trusting us!

What we feel in your case is that your boyfriend might be having a problem of premature ejaculation thats why he can't last longer in bed. Its immensely frustrating for a man which most of the women fail to understand. Bt do not worry, as there are ways to combat such a problem. We have articles on how to last longer in bed and premature ejaculation. So, go through them and ask him to implement them for better results.

And if all this doesn't work for him, then there might be some other problem and for that consult some good qualified physician.

Top54u team wishes both of you a satisfying sexual life ahead!
thanks fro the tips!!
Hi. I have been with my husband for 20 years.. I think we have a great life but he is bored with me.. I know cause he tells me..we have sex i do fore play for him give it to him the way he wants and its still not enough.. He ask me for extra and i dress up look nice all day and even better at night..still not enough.. Is it me.. What else can i do to make him happy..its really interfering in our life. Dont know what extra i should give him..please help me save my marriage??
hi Ness,
thnx for building ur trust in us!!!

as per your say, you are not leaving a single stone unturned to make him happy always, but still lacking something! ya, bit frustrating n insecure, at the same time. the tips we would like to give you:

1. arrange a surprise date for both of you, what about a holiday to some exotic place including spa massage.

2. arrange a home spa for him n give him a satisfying massage! hmmmmm...... now isn't it sensuous! this will satisfy him physically, emotionally and sexually too.

3. make something really special for him, the food he simply loves, but you generally miss it due to some or the other reason!

4. or arrange some surprise party for him at home, inviting his best friends, whom he seldom meets bcoz of busy schedule. give him his own space n see how he comes to you for love!

5. gift him something really precious, here we don't mean some expensive gift, precious stands for some collage of lost memories of your romantic days, or make his sketch if you are good at it or anything else on which you dont have to spend money, but your love! this is what will make him come back to you!

here we wish you all the best!
damn!that is good stuff u have.keep it up and educate more.thanx
manna manna
I have been with my man 6 years and we broke up half way through for about 3 months.. He went and tried to make another retaliationship work.. We broke up due to him always sending UNappropriate texts to other women... We got back together and got married. We hv been married two years now and I just found out that infact when we were first dating he did continue to cheat with another girl... He said he loved her and wasn't sure who he wanted. When that stopped another girl came into play and that's what caused the break up... When he came back to me he states he was ready and loved me.. So 4 out of 6 years I was not # 1 in his eyes. He has now asked for me to trust him... But its so hard to now.... We had a baby together. And I just don't feel wanted... As much as he has said he wants me I feel settled for .. These two girls will and hv tried to communicate with him and instead of telling them leave him alone he says he ignores them... I'm trying real hard to spice up our love life, but I still feel like I'm not his # 1 choice.... What do I do? I hv so many men that I know would treat me like I'm # 1... But this Guy I'm married too has something I haven't been able to take back no matter what... My heart.. Even though I feel like I still have to fight for his love and I feel so alone I can't seem to walk away or fix it... How do I know if I was settled for... If I can trust him, if he truly loves me the way I want... Any advice would help...
imran ahmed
this is imu from banladesh, i had a sex with one girl who is older than me but she gave me lot of enjoy. within one year we were a having sex more than 100 times she is married but i can:t forget her touch when i have been going for sleep i need to imagine her ..........its a big problem ......please get me some idea regarding this aspect.

i enjoyin with my girlfriend
my Man and I have been togather for 6months and i love him so much our sex is good but i want it to be better, i want my Man to stay happy at all times. i want to keep our sex hot hot hot all the time... we are only togather on fri-sat-some on sunday's and sometimes its just sat-sun. and when he gets off of work he said that he needs 2-3hrs to him self to just relax so i dont bother him during the work week. so what can i do to keep my Man happy'er?????
wow it is good advice
Just was looking for some ideas...MY SEX LIFE IS AWESOME!! Me and my husband will be married in just a few days for 10yrs, we have been together for almost 13yrs and our sex is just as hot if not hotter than the 1st time we ever made love...Keeping the flame burning is "very" important to me. So sometimes we dont make love, we just have HARD CORE HOT SEX!!! and that makes it fun and even more exciting! The great thing about my husband and me we both LOVE SEX and we share how we want it and what we want! That really helps alot when you can say what you want or how you want it!!!!! It makes THINGS REALLY HOT!!!!!Sometimes I will get up before him and just put in a porn movie and wake him up with foreplay and WOW he is ready for me!!! Nothing is ever dull in our sex life!!!! NEVER!!!(When after 13yrs he touches me and I still get those butterflies, that lets me know I love him so and that he is the BEST thing ever in my life!)Sometimes I can be cooking,(of course when our 8yr old is not at home) and he will walk up to me and start kissing on me and is hands are all over me, and well we will just put the stove on low and throw down...that is one thing anyone can do, catch those lil moments you never would expect sex and go after it!!!! Like I said our sex life is great and wonderful, was just looking for a surprise for him on our 10th anniversary, to make it even HOTTER!!!!
***Ladies remember, a man wants a lady in the kitchen and in front of his friends and a whore behind the bedroom door!!!! It so works..............
me and my boyfriend dont have sex much but when we do its hot . to make our sex hotter during the period of times we dont have sex we watch porn on our sofa , we give each other hand jobs and we just touch each other it turns both of us on . in our flat we have now put a portable stripers pole up the day before we hav sex i do a little show for him with nothing on . now he stays harder for longer , hes hard for about 2 hrs now its so pleasurable for me and him . scrfeam and moan when you have sex with your partner exagerate a lot it makes him work harder x
the love making in the bed is not really such the problem! The main problem that i have right now with him Marc is that i always find other female numbers in his phone and he does not save then in his contacts and he put his friends and other things in front of me and its like i cant get to him the way that i would like to i see him only once a week but we talk on the phone evryday for hours but i just want him to come to me more then he is what possibly can i do for him to come on to me more i really want it to work out between us two but the way its going now i dont see it lasting much very longer!!! can you give me some advise on what to do about this situation please thankyou for your help
hi i'm really happy for your advice but me i have a problem i have a boy friend he really make's me happy but am not the only woman who sleep with him and the few day's ago i cached him so what can i do
My boyfriend and I, we have sex 5 times a week. We talk dirty, oral sex, biting, spanking me brings us to multiple orgasms. He is 42 and I'm sex with him is the best I had ever had.He gets me very wet before we have intercourse
This is only so much help. But what if it's your man who is bored with your sex life. What if you have done everything you can possibly do to keep him turned on he he NEVER initiates anything anymore? If he has stopped doing all the sweet & wonderful things that made you so hot for him in the beginning? I do all the hot things, I dress up, I talk dirty, I NEVER say no to him. And now it's like he's "so what" to sex with me. I give up. I feel stupid and foolish for continuing to try when he doesn't give any effort.
How can i make my man make all the moves when he expects me to.. I need help because i really want him to take over but honestly i think he is scared..How can i get him to take more control?
Thanks a million,i appreciate because most of us learn from the media.I need help.My boyfriend says i dont trust him.5 months ago somebody called me and asked me to back off her man and i asked her which man but she declined.I called him up and asked if he knew somebody by the names iryne and narrated the whole story to him,he asked me to call up that person or send a text,unfortunately the person had used a private number to call me so i couldn't do much.Since then his calls reduced and its of late that he told me that i dont trust him and yet i once asked him if there was anything wrong and he told me nothing was wrong.I still love him and am sad,i dont know what to do,coz i send him text messages but he never replies any.
I having some problem with my boyfriend. I have sex with my ex-boyfriend and after we breakoff. my boyfriend feel cheated by me. He love me very much and i regretted for my follies. I trying to find ways to satsfy his needs. He feels that my vagina hole is too big for his penetration and take quite a while to cum. He is finding it a relief then enjoying. What should i do to help him enjoy
thx now my man wants to make love evry night haha x
hi i am pammu i recently got married 5 months before my husband is vry gud in sexual but only thing is he doesn't want children, so every time when we meet sexuallly wt the end when fluid comes out he removes his object to prevent the fluid getting into my organs.....but i am very found of children i always try to make him more happy in bed and make him to forget to take out object when fliud runs but he's very concious even in that sex mood to remove his organ.........another thing he is very happy in bed he told me that plenty of times but i am not happy when suddenly he stops and he stops at the first attempt itself when i am still awake for sex plsss help me to come out of this prob

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