How To Seduce A Married Woman

Updated on 03 Apr 2009, Published on 11 Jan 2008

How to seduce a married woman, especially if she is a housewife?

Here we will talk about a housewife only, and if you want to seduce a working woman, then you can go for tips on how to seduce a woman

A woman who stays at home or you can say a housewife, but the question arises on how to seduce her. So, here are the tips:

1. A great sense of humor- A housewife is generally bored of living alone within the four walls of a house, and what she needs is someone to end the boredom of her life. So, make her laugh as much as possible so that she gets addicted to your company.

2. An adventurous personality- Staying at one place everyday makes one crave for some adventure. So, here is the tip for you, make the most of this opportunity and give her a new adventrous life other than late night parties. Take her for newer sports activities, or whatever she likes, maybe movies or for picnic.

3. Always offer her with something new- Newness is what she needs at this phase of her life, and if you offer her with some or the other surprises everytime you meet her will make her eyes sparkle and she will get ready for anything and everything for you. Wait, you are not taking advantage of anything rather you are enjoying your life by making someone also enjoy with some really special moments.

4. Be a great listener and understand her- A homely woman is always short of a good company which you have to give her. So try to listen to what she is going through and satisfy her by being a good listener and a good friend. Do not rush to what you want from her. She is already loaded with so many expectations from her, have some patience, once she opens up her heart completely to you and feels light, she herself will get ready for everything.

5. Be a true friend and enough dependable- She needs a true friend without any selfish motive and never forget this thing if you want this woman. Make her depend on you to the extent that she forgets herself when she is with you.

6. Be passionate- Your passion into everything and everyone you are with will definitely turn her on whenever she thinks of you. This will make the things easier for you too.

7. Praise her genuinely- A genuine word of praise is what a woman craves for and if you lead in this field then the success is yours, for sure. Make her feel special in everything and how nice a person she is.

8. Be highly positive- Women are generally negative in whatever task they get involved. So, one positive encouraging word from your side can change her life completely. You can give her a new life full of enthusiasm and passion for love.


Buddy, never ever make the mistake of rushing to get physical with the woman you are. This will give her an impression of being a lustful man.

Though we all know that sex is every human's fantasy and a major neccessity, but getting overboard with your needs make you cheap and inhuman. Try to be more decent and first enjoy each other's company, spend some time together. You will see things automatically approaching you.

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12 Responses to "How To Seduce A Married Woman"

Nicely put. I'm going to try and seduce a married woman some time soon! haha :0)
Lisa Jones
wow...i think you can read a womens mind.....
lisa jones
well...m in love with a guy who is already engaged with someone....
m following the tips
can somebody suggest me something ???
may be we can try these tips nd have a 2 women in life
It was great. But I fear of misuse of these tips !!!
Hi Lisa jones
Hi Lisa

There is nothing wrong in loving a person, because love is life and life is to enjoy. But you cannot expect 100% love from him because he is already with a woman and also it will be tough time for both of you to get along well.

More over it will be difficult for him to adjust between 2 females - i mean when u really want to meet him he will be held up with another female.

This will lead into frustration for you and it will make you feel that u r unsecured and unable to carry forward when and where u need him.

But if u want to have fun ,,, go ahead.

Its always better to find a man who is single ,, never mind he is separated or divorced or single and lonely.

With such man you can really get the love and lovable sex.

Hope i am right. MAy be you will have better knowledge as you might get many comments and advise in this issue.

If i am wrong, you can correct my way of thinking also
your wrong buddy..a time will come when there will be no escape..lust is sin and the price of sin is death..
You have got to be kidding me. That's stupid to give advice to men/women about taking something that isn't thiers.
P . Giordano
If lust is sin, why were you reading this website, you lustful person?? Lust is human nature.
l saw the tips but um not gud enough on undustanding english jus email me in zulu if you don't mind.thanks
Praying and searching 4 u'r own is d best than seducing women,men,and shering a man wit oda woman the enemesis may not hav a solution when it stats be warned.
What if the married woman you want you've already had relations with and she just one day backed out, said she loved you but had to let you go? What if she has four kids? What if all this happened while, and you still are married to her husbands wife?

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