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Updated on 05 Feb 2009, Published on 31 Jan 2009

When love is in the air people go a bit crazy but in a different way and men are known to be more crazy as compared to their female counterparts. A man in love is one of the cutest things in this world but somehow most women fail to notice the cuteness in him. If you too want to know the answer to the question, how do men act when they are in love then all you have to do is just go through the following account. The following are some of the typical signs which can be observed in any man who is in love:

1.) Love makes the world go blind and men are no different. A man in love would do anything for his love without thinking about the outcome. It sounds a bit unbelievable but the fact is that when he shall be truly in love, then he would act neglecting anything else. 

2.) The eyes are the mirror of the soul and men are not good enough when it comes to hiding something, especially love. Those smiling eyes on seeing his love is a sure shot symptom that cupid has struck him.

3.) Their body language would say everything and all you have to do is just try reading a man’s body language. Their habits would change such as they would start spending more time in front of the mirror, they would appear more lively and happy, they would praise everything about their beloved and look completely fond of their beloved. You would notice some changes in their dressing sense, hair style and looks.

4.) Such men would show no special interest in other members of the opposite-sex. They would follow the principle of being a ‘one-woman man.’

5.) The last but definitely not the least sign of a man in love is that he would start feeling as if he is the lead actor of a romantic movie. You can guess whether a man is in love or not by the fact that everything in and around his life would be charming. He could not remain normal because of this charm. The need is to observe carefully. 

The top 5 signs answer the question, how do men act when they are in love. If you notice any or all of these signs in a man then it is a clear indication that he is in love. We hope the above account would help you in understanding some important things about such men.

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