How do Scorpio Women Flirt?

Updated on 19 Dec 2008, Published on 19 Dec 2008

Scorpio is a water sign and the women born from 24 October to November 22 are known as the Scorpio women. One of the most frequently asked questions about these charming females, is how do Scorpio women flirt? The following are some ways used by Scorpion women to flirt with male counterparts:

(1.) The effective weapon of eyes: One of the most common traits of a Scorpio woman is her eyes. As a Scorpio is known for stinging hard, similar is the case with the Scorpio women who use their eyes to sting the heart of a man. With their intense eyes they make the men go crazy for them.

(2.) Elegance: A scorpion women use the weapon of elegance to mesmerize the other person. Her elegant ways of conducting herself is enough to charm any man. A Scorpio woman is too good to cover up her shortcomings with elegance and we haven’t seen a man who does not like an elegant woman.

(3.) Unconditional love: A scorpion would give out an impression about her true love and flirt as if she is not flirting at all, which is the best technique of flirting. While having a conversation with a Scorpio woman, you would get a feeling that she is far away from flattery and flirtation but actually she flirts in a way which is best suited for flirting and you won’t even get a hint that she is flirting.

(4.) Act mysterious: The element of mystery is always associated with a Scorpio personality and in case of a Scorpio woman, this mystery is more charming. When they want to attract the attention of a man, then they use this element of mystery. Their confidence personified attitude with a knack of adventure makes them an expert in the art of flirting.

(5.) They observe and then react accordingly: Their intelligence quotient makes them react or act after observing the situation. Most men react without thinking too much and she takes benefit of the stupidity of these men. A Scorpio woman judges the opposite personality and then reacts accordingly.

The above account throws some light on how do Scorpio women flirt and make men absolutely mesmerized by their personality. Hopefully, the next time if you are with a Scorpio woman and she is flirting with you then you would immediately get a clue how good she is in the art of flirting.

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