How to Look Taller in a Dress - Tips for Short Women

Updated on 21 Sep 2009, Published on 21 Sep 2009

Dressing to look taller than your actual height can be helpful in elongating your height but to choose what kind of dress should you wear may be quite a problem. Short people have to be very particular about what you wear, the color and the fitting is concerned as it can bring about major changes in your appearance. Wearing an unruly dress may emphasize your height making you look shorter than your actual height. Thus, following are some of the ways which will guide you how to look taller in a dress:

1) Lengthen your torso by wearing V-neck shirt, camisole and wear full sleeves or sleeveless styles to lengthen your arm. You can also create an illusion of lengthening your legs by wearing knee length skirts, long skirts with high heels, skinny jeans, vertically striped jeans, or high waist pants.

2) Wearing tight clothing also helps in elongating your height. Tight clothes help in identifying your lines and curves making you look taller than your actual height.

3) Capris or crop shorts may look trendy but when it comes to elongating your height, it is best to avoid them. Otherwise this can make your legs shorter and stubby. Bermuda shorts are an option that you can try. These shorts make your legs look elongated.

4) Flip flops, sandals and other flat shoes may look very appealing and sexy but it is a complete no for short people. Flat shoes tend to draw attention towards your feet. Medium heels are the best option for you.

5) It is a well known fact that the slimmer you are, the taller you will look. So, the best way is opt for dark colored clothes to make you look slim and tall. Black, forest green, navy blue etc. are some of the colors you can choose from.

6) Layering can be put to good use as far as elongating your height is concerned. However, you must be creative enough to layer your clothes in such a way that the darker color covers most of the outside. Also the clothing style with which you will layer is another primary concern. Layering a tank top with a V neck shirt on top will contribute in elongating your height.

7) Be adventurous and be ready to experiment with the different types of stripes. Vertically striped clothings are best, however you can try out horizontal stripes as well. Sometimes it can do wonders to your height.

You can even try your hands at bright colors. This will help you in emphasizing your best features. For instance, if you have long legs, then you can go for bright color pants that will make your whole body elongated. Last but not the least is your hairstyle. Long hairstyles can make you look even shorter. However, if you have long necks, then medium length hair style can pull off your height.

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