How to Make Man Crave for Me

Updated on 23 Jan 2009, Published on 22 Jan 2009

We used to believe that most women know the secret of attracting men but when a woman reader asked the question, how to make man crave for me, then we are left with no other option but to help out many such ladies. The word crave in itself is a very serious question namely, Is it Love or Lust? But as they say all is fair in love and war, so if you seriously want to make your man crave for you then the article would help you a good deal. The following are some of the tips that would be extremely beneficial in making men crave for you:

1.) Be a Magnet: The first and foremost tip suggests you how to attract your iron man by your magnetic personality. Be confident about yourself and let that confidence showcase in your magnetic personality. Your body language should not only make you look positive and likeable but also add a dash of seductiveness to your charismatic persona.

2.) Use your assets: Don’t forget that you are the most beautiful creature on this earth. Use your assets and womanly traits such as your sweet nature, intelligence, innocence, positive attitude, charming personality and a glimpse of your beautiful body to make men want you. Dress to kill and add charm to your dazzling personality.

3.) Be a Mystery: Men would automatically feel attracted to women who behave in a mysterious way. So all you have to do is act mysteriously and just don’t behave in a predictable manner. Be a mystery and leave no option for your man but to approach you every single time he notices you. Let your man feel desperate to solve the mystery and get mesmerized by your awesome aura.

4.) An Adventurous character: Bring out your adventurous self and impress the man. If you can give out an impression that you are an adventurous and fun-loving personality, then your man would feel tempted to go on an adventurous journey with you.

5.) Winking, Touching and Smiling: Use your eyes to check out your man and look away when he notices you after scanning him with your seductive eyes. Body language plays a vital role in leaving the desirable effect on anyone. Hold his hands occasionally, wink at him, pass on a beautiful smile, play with your hair, touch him accidentally and the day is not far when you would get what you ever wanted!

The top 5 tips if implemented successfully can play a significant role in making anyone crave for you. But do remember that there is a huge difference between someone craving for you and someone loving you sincerely. The choice is yours, Best of Luck!
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