How to Make a Man Feel Special?

Updated on 27 Jan 2009, Published on 24 Jan 2009

Little gestures of appreciation go a long way. To make men realize that they are being loved, appreciated and to motivate them women must know how to make a man feel special. They need to be made to realize that they are always loved, needed and desired. Every man desires to be the only man who could fulfill each and every whims of his only woman. Their morale and ego needs to be boosted otherwise they end up thinking that their women consider them only as a means to gain status.

Women need to express their feelings to let their spouse know that they are needed each moment. To make your man feel special you do not have to buy expensive things or do some thing extra-ordinary. All that you need to do is show cute little gesture that makes him realize, that he is needed and wanted each moment.

Following are some of the things you can do to make your men feel needed and special:

1) Men love to be loved and cared. After a tiring day’s work, when he returns home, greet him with a smile and a kiss at the door. This will make him feel on top of the world. It will work like some sort of a stress buster.

2) Doing little things to delight your man will make him smile. Doing things such as buying him his favorite candy or a movie and offering to watch with him are some ways which could be done without any effort and make your man feel special.

3) Men love to be complimented and appreciated so if your man has helped you with the daily household chores a little more than the usual don’t forget to thank him. Compliment him when he wears something that looks great on him.

4) Like us, men too love surprises. So surprise him with something unusual like a lunch pack sending it to his office with all his favorite dishes.

5) Surprise your man one night wearing some sexy lingerie. Put him in a bubble bath and give him a whole body massage.

6) Sending him a text message during the day saying that you are thinking of him will simply make him feel great.

7) Encourage him to do something he really likes. For instance, he might love to watch the baseball game. You can surprise him by buying some tickets for a baseball match and offer to accompany him.

8) Men love to be treated as the boss of the family. Make them feel that they are needed by discussing all sorts of problems even if it’s minor. They will always come up with a solution. Listen to him quietly and thank him.

9) Men love to be involved in everything you do. Let them get involved in your daily task.

10) Cook for him and surprise him by arranging a special theme dinner. Always remember that men want to be more than a status symbol in a woman’s life.

Appreciate your man in whatever he does. Always be ready to hear him out no matter what. Listen to his goals, his desires, dreams and frustration. Do not try to correct him or become defensive instead simply hear him out calmly and note the difference you will see in him.

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