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Updated on 01 Oct 2009, Published on 01 Oct 2009

During our lifetime, we tend to come across a number of ups and downs and during this phase, it is quite natural for the sorry feeling to crop up within ourselves. Self pity is one of the worst feelings that degrade the good ones about yourself and drives you into a pool of depression. Even the best among the best tend to fall in the trap of self pity when destiny strikes. Self pity or feeling sorry for yourself can be referred to as a behavioral disease that needs to be stopped at once. It is important to keep in track with the symptoms as it arises in order to eradicate it before it takes a toll over emotional and mental stability.

To overcome this feeling a thorough understanding of the sorry feeling is important. It is quite normal for an individual to get this feeling occasionally but when an individual starts feeling it on a regular basis then it becomes a problem that may interfere in your day-to-day life. This type of condition is referred to as obsessive self pity and is a major problem that drives an individual to depression and low self esteem.

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Following are some of the ways that would be guide you how to stop feeling sorry for yourself:

1) Being self-centered is one of the main reasons that trigger self pity. Of all the things around you all that you will be left with to think of is just the me, me and me. The self-centered feeling needs to be diverted in order to overcome this feeling.

2) Changing your perspective is another way through which you can overcome this feeling. Learn to look at the positive side even if anything bad happens or else you will drown in the pool of negative feelings. Read positive attitude tips.

3) Learn to share your sorrows. Speaking out loud can make you feel much better and lighten your burden. Helping out people around you can also make you feel better. It kind of brings in a realization that you are not the only person who has problems.

4) Learn to live in the moment and stop thinking. It always helps to understand the fact that, 'bygones are bygones' and what we think today, creates our future. Learn to live in the present instead of sticking to the past.

5) Make a list of things that you can accomplish easily. It can be your hobby or anything that interests you. This will help you in getting that good feeling and also will help you overcome all negative feelings.

These are some of the things that can be done to diminish the sorry feeling that you have. Broaden your views towards life, if you don’t want to end up seeing only those things that you are least grateful for. There are more good things in life, for which you can be thankful. Learn to accept the truth and set your feet on the ground to get a grip of your life to fight against all the negative feelings.

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