How to Wrap your Ponytail?

Updated on 09 Jun 2009, Published on 01 Apr 2009

There are a couple of things you can do with your hair. A makeover to your hairstyle is more than enough to make you look different. But if you don’t know what to do with your hair or don’t know any other style then you can simply wrap your ponytail. It can simply make you look chic and sleek whether you wear it low for any occasion at anytime of the day. For a more casual look you can keep it in the middle. It will give you a sporty look. Once you know how to wrap your ponytail, you can try out many styles to get that extra kick. It can make you look stunning and fabulous. Here follows the tips on how to wrap your ponytail:

1) Comb your hair and detangle the entire jumble. To ad volume to just dried hairs, you can apply some mouse. This will also enhance the texture of the hair. You can even use a gel or an anti frizz, if you find the hair a little difficult to manage and tame.

2) Comb back your hair and style the front part of your hair. Part your hair where you want to. Now collect all the hair in one hand with the other hand combing down your hair smoothly.

3) Hold the hair clubbed in one hand altogether and the tail hanging parallel to the spine. Now with the other hand which was used to brush the hair, hold the rubber band.

4) Now forming a tunnel of your hand through which the hairs pass through tighten your grip. And then hook the rubber band with the help of your index finger and pull your hair through the band.

5) Stretch the rubber band, using your thumb and index finger continue to hook the hair into the rubber band until it can hold the hair without letting loose.

Once you are done with these steps, you will see your ponytail hanging at the back of your head. Now to cover up the rubber band, there is a simple step. Take a thin section of hair and start wrapping it around the rubber band. Continue to wrap it until it is properly sealed and when you reach the end of the hair strand hide it beneath the ponytail by clipping it along with the rubber band which is already concealed.

Go for the video on how to wrap your ponytail for better understanding.

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