How to choose a perfect life partner

Updated on 24 Jan 2009, Published on 05 Jul 2008

A perfect life partner - how to choose - Many of us have fallen in love a number of times. And each time, we fall in love with the thought that we have finally found the right person, the Mr/Ms Right for whom we have been waiting so long. And yet every time we fall out of love realizing that s/he is not the person we were ideally looking for.

Choosing the perfect life partner has never been an easy task. We often make the mistake of driving into conclusion that we have found our soulmate and rush into marriage. Shortly after which we realize the mistake we made and the bliss of happy married life vanishing right before our eyes. And all that we are left with is utter hopelessness and depression. And this further leads to both the partners cheating on one another and then ultimately leads to divorce.

However, finding our perfect match is not an impossible task. All that we need is to have the right mind-set with a practical approach. Each one of us has clearly defined characteristics about what we look for in our perfect match. The easiest thing to do is to put it down on a plane paper. Jot down all the qualities that you want your partner to possess, think of what you would do if s/he pops up right before you this instant. Go over it and strike all that sounds phony and unrealistic.

We are normal human beings with both negative and positive traits. So it is not possible for a person to possess all the positive traits. Each one of us has different ideals, belief and faith. And this is what makes us a different and unique individual.

You cannot force upon someone to think like the way you want him/her to. So be prepared to accept minor differences that your partner might possess. However, if you want to develop a relationship then both of you must share some common interests. Relationships are not simply built on the ground of love and sexual satisfaction. Both of you must be compatible with one another and share mutual understanding.

Yet there might be some striking differences with which both of you must live with as you have to maintain your individuality despite being a couple. Learn to compromise and overlook the differences.

The best thing to do is instead of looking for the perfect partner; seek for the person who is right for you. Bless the person with love and care, warmth and comfort, who is reaching out to you. Be prepared for surprises and miracles and open to experiment.

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