How to date a Sagittarius Male?

Updated on 16 Dec 2008, Published on 16 Dec 2008

The question how to date a Sagittarius male is indeed a tricky one because Sagittarius men are known for their romantic nature but as far the loyalty is concerned they need to be kept under serious observation. Sagittarius has the Fire element and this ninth sign of the Zodiac is associated with people, born from November 23 to December 21, known as the Sagittarians.

However, you don’t need to worry about the pros and cons of dating a Sagittarius man as we are here to guide you about how to date a Sagittarius male. The following are some of the tips that can be extremely beneficial in highlighting the do’s and don’ts regarding dating a Sagittarian man:

(1.) Have a conversation: Sagittarians are well-known for being talkative so a healthy conversation would add charm to your relationship. Be ready to listen more and avoid too many questions about something in particular. Never let your way of speaking sound as if you are interrogating because a Sagittarian male loves his space and freedom.

(2.) Be a bit adventurous as well as fun loving: Go out on an adventurous tour or atleast on a long drive with him. Traveling is a part of their nature and they would love to find a like-minded companion in their journey. They have an outgoing nature and you just have to go with the flow in order to have a lovely relationship.

(3.) Honesty is the best policy: People who are fake or show off any excessive and unwanted superiority over others, immediately piss off the Sagittarius men. So what if they themselves are not too faithful but they appreciate being with only honest people.

(4.) Add an element of passion in your dressing sense and Body language: Sagittarians are classy people and you can influence them by showing some class but avoid giving an impression of superiority complex. Dress to kill, work on your looks and use the Power of Body language to mesmerize a Sagittarian male.

(5.) Tackle the Mood swings calmly: The last but not the least tip suggests you to be ever ready to tackle the mood swings as a Sagittarian male has a very common trait of behaving differently that too quite frequently. If you can keep your cool when he is losing it, then you will get everything you want.

The above 5 tips would help a good deal in finding out the answer of ‘how to date a Sagittarius male?’ In order to make your date with a Sagittarian male a cherish-able one, all you have to do is just follow the above 5 tips and enjoy. Best of Luck!

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1 Responses to "How to date a Sagittarius Male?"

Been googling around all day learning about sagittarius men ;) This is a great website, I also found one with good advice if anyone is interested. I linked it in the website column :)

My ex was a sag, call me addicted. Even though I could live without the mood swings ;)

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