How to install a vent kitchen hood?

Updated on 06 Oct 2008, Published on 06 Oct 2008

Kitchen hoods are of two types; vented and non-vented. Here, we will discuss on how to install a vented kitchen hood. Kitchen hoods are very important so as to make your kitchen a safe haven. It helps in sucking out the heat, moisture and grease that engulfs your kitchen while cooking. You will find a wide variety of vented kitchen hoods in the market. They come in various styles and designs. Depending on your preferences you can choose from among the styles that would compliment your home décor.


The process to install any type of vented kitchen hood is the same. You will have to follow the same procedure for installing a vented kitchen hood for all styles. Kitchen hood must be properly installed in order to make it perform efficiently. The most difficult part of installing a vented kitchen hood is the installation of the duct. See the location of your cooking area and determine whether wall venting or roof venting would be better for you.


Listed below are some of the things that you would require in order to install a vented kitchen hood:

  1. range vent hood

  2. drilling gun

  3. screwdriver

  4. hammer

  5. tape

  6. cable clamps

  7. wire nuts

  8. insulating pliers

  9. pencil, measuring tape

  10. Goggles and gloves.



Now that we have all the tools and materials required for the installing lets take a look at the easy step by step procedure of how to install a vented kitchen hood:

  1. Locate the area where you want to install the duct. Remove the fans and filters from the hood. Properly place the kitchen hood at the desired location and mark the area. Drill the area so as to make a hole for the ventilation.

  2. Now drill the area from the outside to complete the hole for installing the duct and the kitchen hood.

  3. Now install the hood in its final position and screw it up tightly with the help of a screwdriver.

  4. Before installing the duct, joined the ducts and seal it securely with the help of tapes to prevent any leakage. Pass the duct through the hole and join it to the hood. Be careful when joining the duct to the hood; make sure that the ducts are properly fitted.

  5. Carefully connect all the electrical connections and install the fan, filter and light bulb. Turn on the power and make sure that the kitchen hood is working properly.


Once you have properly installed it, properly seal the openings around the openings on the wall through which the duct has passed through. However, before you start with the installation process make sure to go through the manual instructions. Though all styles of vented kitchen hood are installed the same way, but some of them may slightly differ. The basic method of installing the kitchen hood is otherwise the same.

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