How to make a Libra Jealous?

Updated on 09 Dec 2008, Published on 09 Dec 2008

There are a number of ways to make someone jealous but when it comes to a specific zodiac sign then these tips may not work effectively. This is because star signs have a sense of mystery associated with them. Talking about jealousy, sun signs do play an important role in deciding the extent to which a person would be jealous. Astrological signs have a significant role in developing or curbing down the feeling of jealousy. There are some easy ways that can make a person of a specific star sign jealous for example Libra, which is the seventh sign of the Zodiac and though Librans are not as jealous as people with some other zodiac signs yet they have this feeling in them. The following are some of the tips that can answer the question, how to make a Libra jealous and bring out their hidden jealousy:

(1.) Ignorance: Librans would immediately get jealous if you try to hide something from them. They would never like to be ignored. So if you want to make a Libran jealous then all you have to do is make him/her feel left out, the rest would take care of on its own

(2.) A Straight-forward No: Librans are well-known for their diplomacy and if someone criticizes them on the face, then their hidden jealousy comes out in public. Challenge their caliber, criticize their creativity and make fun of their talent openly and the look on the faces of these peace-makers would say it all.

(3.) Flaunting: Librans are not very much fond of seeing someone flaunting his/her riches, be it diamond ring or necklace or a brand new car, they would start disliking the person and the hidden fire of jealousy would get more brighter.

(4.) If you are comparatively better-looking than your Libran friend then half the job is already done as Librans get jealous with someone who has got more charming looks than them. All you have to do is just work on your looks and dressing style, using a bit of body language would add oil to the fire.

(5.) Last but not the least Librans can’t stand the criticism of someone they love. Even if that person is on the top of the list of the ugly people alive, for a Libran he/she is the best. If they have decided to make him/her their partner then anyone who would utter a single word about their love would become a source of jealousy for them.

The above 5 tips highlight some of the easy ways to make a Libra jealous! If you want to make a Libran jealous then try these tips and feel free to share your precious inputs. Best of Luck!

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6 Responses to "How to make a Libra Jealous?"

try to ask his friend ym or no...i was surprised one night..i never saw my libra to be jealous..when my bestfriend asked me to ask him about his friend no or ym..he juz replied.."ill not give you anything" i said why??it wasnt me..its____,whos asking"..he said"no..still i wont give you anything" i said..whats matter with you?he said"hes really short and hes not a serious one..ill not explore you to him"
what do you think??i said..but my friend said hes cute...he said"maybe in this pic only" hahaha..but i said it wasnt me!!!he said..still NO..then i said..go here nextime..he said..I WILL..then said "bring your friend and lets go somewhere"..he replied"NO I WONT"
thats my libra hope you get some tips from that..he still get jealous even to his long time friend...but me?if he ask my friends no. because his friend is prob to me..its nice right to be in double couple..hahha it is juz i realized that libra can be possesive and selfish..whether he loves you or one thing....attention!!!!in your attention!!!!!shower him your attention..more and more..then when you turn back to others he will be the most jealous ready..he will do it to you too...hahahah....
that was not true.
--ignoring us can lead to permanent distracted
--if someone do this then they will be in hit list for all the time to be fallen down

--not agree totally
My libra man has certain friends he won't let me meet. he won't even talk about them in front of me if he can help it, unless it is something negative. he refuses to give reasons.
most of these friends are blonde. (i have a thing for blonde guys..) and he's quite the protective one.
I've found the best why to really make him jealous, and make him want you, is to laugh with or at his friends, and treat them in a more open, physical manner. :)
hope that helpss. x
To Libra:
One more thing happened a friend of his brother too and his brother gf.We had good conversation in in good relationships,one day he msg me?sayin stop talkin to his brother/his brother wondering WHY?he said..bec they dont like me@he said..hes my only friend and no one...i am a person cant stay just like that so i asked his brother and his borther gf..just found out its not true hahaah..the girlfriend said actually his brother like me as i am nice and her too..then i msg him and talk about it...then he got mad and said not want to talk about it anymore...
but hes nice..when i visit their in his house..he cooked for me a dinner....but he said he dont need girls hahaha libra men are confusing.
I don't agree with the ignore Libra. It may work a time or two, but one thing with Libras, if it gets to be to much work or if we feel we have to prove or go out of our way or people are playing mind games. We get bored, and when we do, we let go.
dat ignorin thng is rite....v may feel lft out...may b jealus...abt y u lft me....!!! 1 o 2 times or may b 3 time cn b aftr dat...ull wont find dat libra guy eva in ya life...!!! may b u ppl wud hav played wid him juss fra fun sake or revenge o it cn b any reason....!!! dosnt matta atall....hez not gonna come bak to u eva in ya entire life....nd even dosnt like to see ya face means yr nem is on d top wida red marker in his list of "unxceptables"......!!! so b carefull if u follow dese steps.....!!!! best of luck

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