List of Positive Personality Traits

Updated on 27 Feb 2009, Published on 27 Feb 2009

A positive personality is the most desirable thing the whole world. Every single human being has this strong inner desire of possessing the personality which is appreciated by everyone. An amazing personality does not consist only of a well-shaped and maintained body but there are many other significant factors which contribute in making a positive charismatic persona. The following is a list of the traits which every human being should have in him/her. Just go through the following qualities and imbibe them in yourself:

1.) Perfect Body Language
2.) Tolerant and Great Listener
3.) Conscientious
4.) Insatiable thirst for knowledge but not over-displaying the intelligence
5.) Adventurous yet sensible
6.) Honest and fearless
7.) Good sense of humor
8.) Caring and Responsible
9.) Ability to control emotions
10.) Likeable, approachable and dependable
11.) Good Judge, Calm and Composed
12.) Optimist with a knack of turning shortcomings into strengths
13.) Good communication skills
14.) Creative and full of self confidence
15.) Balanced approach

We hope the above account would help you understand the characteristics of a positive personality and you would imbibe the above mentioned qualities to add charm to your personality. A charming personality with a mesmerizing smile is the first step towards your goal. Best of Luck!

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Feel absolutely free to share your precious views, queries, inputs or experiences!

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I was really surprised to find that I have all 15 traits. Lol.

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