Long Distance Relationship Tips

Updated on 11 Feb 2009, Published on 10 Feb 2009

Relationships, like plants, need to be nourished every now and then to make it last a lifetime. Nourishing is not an issue for those who are together but for those who live far away it truly requires sincere efforts. Long distance relationship has increased in leaps and bounds. It also involves diverse range of people. It has been estimated that in the US alone about 15 million people are in LDR out of which about 3.6 million of them are married. With such a statistics, LDR has rather become a phenomenon.

Earlier most people had the perception that LDR do not usually work out as physical proximity is of utmost importance to nurture such a bonding. But today, contrary to such belief, long distance relationship is as successful as any other normal one. Though it strictly depends on the two individuals involved. Introspect yourself and find out what are you looking for . Whether you will be able to endure the distance and wish to give it a try or not. If you feel that it is too difficult to go through it then it is better either to call it quits or to continue reading for some tips mentioned below.

It depends on you to whether to prove the saying, “distance makes the heart fonder” or "out of sight, out of mind”. Following are some long distance relationship tips that will help you build a strong bonding between the two of you despite being far away from each other:

1) Prioritizing your sweetheart tops the list of things to do in a distant relationship. No matter what, make sure to get back to your significant other at the earliest or as soon as possible if the need arises. This is a way of showing how much s/he means to you.

2) Set a particular timing to talk over the phone with one another. Communication is of utmost importance in LDR as it holds the key to any bonding. If not always on phone you can find out other ways such as IM, social site, e-mails, text messaging, etc to stay in touch or you can even use skype to cut down your telephone bills. Another option is to create a blog for the two of you and keep updating about yourself to be in touch with your partner.

3) Apart from talking over the phone you can also try out different activities such as watching a movie together at the same time and discussing about the movie after you are done watching.

4) To drive away with the loneliness, when you are not in touch with him, take up some hobbies or you can even meet up with your friends and hang out with them sometimes.

5) Be ready to compromise certain things for the each other if you want to drag it further into the future. Spending time together on the phone or chatting is a treasured moment. Cherish and relive every moment to make the other person feel special.

6) Trust and commitment are two most important tools for a successful LDR. Lack of trust is one of the key elements that end a long distance relationship in no time. So hold a strong trust in yourself and your SO. Be ready to give total commitment to your sweetheart.

7) One major hardship of this type of relationship is that you don’t get to cuddle at night and you don’t have a shoulder to lean on but you still can do many cute little things to fill up the part that is missing.

8) Try to visit each other once a while if not very often. But the more you try to visit one another the stronger the bond will be. Also take turns to visit each other. When you are together, give it all you have and make the moment a special one to cherish till the next time you meet.

9) Technology has made things a lot easier for distance lovers to keep in touch. Internet has proved to be a boon for these people. Geographically your lover may be miles away but you can have a glipmse of him and talk to him at a simple click. Start your webcam so that you can see each other and talk or chat. This way you will be able to read their body language as well.

10) Learn to accept and also don’t be afraid to disagree. Conflicts are a part and parcel of every relationship. Always confront it when you feel its time and do so only through video chat that way your SO will not be able to hide things.

Long distance relationship needs to be worked on to make it last long. It is like any other relationship, the only difference is here the couples have to put in more efforts.

Perseverance is the key to make LDR grow as it takes time to fully mature and establish itself to a successful liaison. There are a lot of things you can learn about the other person in LDR. So do not let the chance go unheeded. Make the most out of it when you still have time and try to get to know the person’s behavior and mannerism.

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