Long Distance Relationships Statistics

Updated on 11 Feb 2009, Published on 10 Feb 2009

People have become so career-oriented today that they do not have enough time to devote themselves to find a mate. As a result of which most people go in for a long distance relationship. Even college goers are also found to be indulging in such relationship. And one of the most difficult tasks is to make it work and maintain on a strong foothold. 

Most people feel that such a relationship does not last for long but on the contrary it has been found that LDR’s do not break any greater than the normal relationship in which people live closer both geographically as well as physically. Following is brief account of long distance relationships statistics of break up that have been found according to 5 studies.

Studies Months Break up percentage for  LDR Break up percentage for Proximal/close relationship (PR)
Study 1 Over 3 months 37% 21%
Study 2 Over 6 months 27% 30%
Study 3 Over 6 months 42% 35%
Study 4 Over 6 months 11% 23%
Study 5 Over 1 year 8% 25%

According to statistics, there was a constant rise of 23% in such a relationship between the years 2000 and 2005. It was found that in the year 2005 there were about 839,000 more LDRs and marriages taking place. One of the major factors that contributes to the coast to coast love relationship is online dating. And since the society has started accepting LDRs as a viable bond, more people are not only igniting the flame but are also fanning it to burn more brightly and successfully.

In the US alone, it has been suggested that there are 3,569,000 people who are married and yet live apart not because of marital discord but for several other reasons, their career being one of the major causes. In the year 2000, the rate of LDRs had been about 2.36% and that in 2005 had been 2.9%. A relative rise of 30% had been seen in the statistics. According to a survey conducted by the LongDistanceRelationships.com, the following findings came to light:

1) On an average couple about 125 miles apart.

2) They visit each other about 1.5 times per month.

3) Phone calls are made 2.7 days and each call session lasts for about 30 minutes on an average.

4) Letters excluding emails are exchanged 3 times a month.

5) Most of the couples involved in LDR expect to remain separated about 14 months.

The chances for the newlyweds going through a long distance relationship are higher in their first three years of their marriage. A study has found that atleast 1 in 10 newly wed couples are in LDR. Also, it is difficult to determine pre-marital couples who are in LDR but it has been found that about 20-40% college students are into coast to coast relationship. And to keep the relationship strong one really needs to work on it. According to these figures, it is most likely that about 3.5 million couples share such a relationship. Overall about 7 million individuals admit that they are into a long distance relationship.

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Skype provides a huge help among people who have been to LDR nowadays. There is more life communicating through audio and video compared to a plain old text messages and emails.

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