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Updated on 20 Aug 2010, Published on 20 Aug 2010

In most of the cases, parents role in child's life is quite different from what it should be. The opinions may differ but most of us will agree when we say that in hard and fast life of our times, most of us, the parents, are failing miserably in our roles. We are busy enough to give the needed time to our children and this is really spoiling them. Every parent should understand that nothing in this world can compensate for their failure to perform the duties towards their kids. Being parents, we mean the world to our kids and this very world is suffocating them resulting in poor grown-up individuals, who know nothing about how to deal with difficult situations.

Just go through the following account and know the importance of parenting in the life of their children.

Most parents in our times are too busy to know how good their children are at studies. If a kid scores lesser grades, they blame him/her for being careless but actual carelessness has been shown by the parents themselves. They never care to know about the friends of their kids, they never care to ask or listen to the problems he/she is facing, they never care to give them a big hug. But they never forget to compare their child with someone else’s child. They unintentionally make sure that their kids develop some sort of an inferiority complex.

Simple ways to make your child feel special

Every parent should realize the fact that you need to spend some quality time with your kids, no matter how busy you are. No matter how stressed out you are feeling, all you need to do is just give a big hug to your child and boost up his/her morale. You have to change your attitude towards your children and have to become a pillar of their strength. Let your teens feel free to confide their feelings with you. Every parent should have to pay the price of parenthood if you want to get good returns. The sooner you understand your roles, the better it is!

We hope the above account proves beneficial for you in understanding the role which parents should play in their child’s life.

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