Premature Ejeculation Causes

Updated on 27 Mar 2009, Published on 26 Mar 2008


Premature Ejeculation

Now, what is this premature ejaculation all about? According to what the doctors say, it is the situation where a man reaches his orgasm before he desires for.

Normally, a man takes to an average 5 to 10 minutes from arousal to ejaculation, but at the end of the day its the depth of satisfaction between the partners that matters. If both are so deeply in love that nothing matters to either of the two, then its not a problem at all. But if your partner wants you to stay erect for long, then comes a sort of frustration in your relationship.

Some say, that there is nothing to be worried about as this premature ejaculation has become quite a common thing these days. But don't you think that it is necessary for you being a man to know what are the underlying causes of this. Sometimes, the causes are very short-lived and with time, you start feeling that there was nothing wrong with you. And these temporary causes for premature ejaculation are :

1. the age factor
2. not so experienced man
3. beginning of a new relationship

This kind of premature ejaculation is also called involuntary ejaculation as such condition is temporary. As these circumstances start to improve, so does your problem. But not all the causes are temporary, for some reasons you have to fight to get back your normal sexually active life with your partner.

Excitement or say anxiety plays a very important role in a blissful , sensual and satisfying experience of love-making with your sex partner. Sometimes, the experience of having an intercourse is so unsatisfying due to some stress, anxiety or hurry that you end up in ejaculating long before than you liked. This happens mostly in a new budding relationship when you both are quite hesitant from each other and sometimes due to over-consciousness. Or sometimes, your feelings are so heightened that you find it really hard to control and the ejaculation happens. Earlier, you don't notice it but later in your middle age it turns into an uncontrolled habit.

There is one more aspect to this sort of disorder- like in youth you may get rid of this problem, but unfortunately it might again crop up in the middle age as you counter any sort of anxiety for having sex after such a long time. And this anxiety may arouse due to many reasons like having fear of your partner getting pregnant, tensions at your workplace and because of this stress, you might failing to please your partner. This can really spoil your relationship with any woman.

Also, premature ejaculation is sometimes an outcome of certain physical disorders like nerve injury, extreme sensitivity of the penis, multiple sclerosis and some other neurological disorders.

Now, the question arises, what should you do to last longer?


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