Pros and cons of an electric kitchen range

Updated on 06 Oct 2008, Published on 06 Oct 2008

Kitchen is one of the most important room is your home. To adorn it, we spend a lot of time and effort choosing appliances and accessories for it. Kitchen ranges are an important appliance of the kitchen. And to find a good cooking range is rather a difficult task and time consuming as well. There are a wide variety of kitchen ranges available so if you are gearing up for a new looking kitchen than roll up your sleeves and get ready.


Decide on the style of the range whether you want an electric range or gas range. If you want a combination of both than you should consider buying a dual fueled kitchen range. Most people prefer an electric range as compared to a gas kitchen range, since they are less expensive and are available widely. If you are thinking of buying an electric range then listed below are some pros and cons that will help you decide if this is what you require:



  1. The first thing you will notice about an electric range is the ease to clean. You don’t really have to disassemble it in order to clean.

  2. Usually an electric range has a glass ceramic top which not only makes cleaning easier but also looks elegant enhancing the décor of your kitchen.

  3. While cleaning you don’t really need a scrapper to scrub off the mess. A soft sponge with a little soap is enough to wipe of the entire dirt.

  4. The cooking element glows to indicate that it is still hot. This is an advantage as far as safety measures are concerned.

  5. If you are short of countertop than the flat surface can be used as a countertop. You also have the option to choose the color of the range that would match your décor.




  1. The flat surface of the range is the biggest demerit of the range. Being flat people use it as countertops and this could likely cause problems and damage to the glass surface.

  2. Extra care required for cleaning the surface as it is glass.

  3. Though you can replace the glass in case of any breakage but depending on the model of your range the glass top can be pretty expensive.

  4. For this range you cannot use any type of cookware. Those with flat bottom cookware are most suitable for this range. Cookware with rough bottoms is liable to scratch the glass surface.

  5. For the maintenance of the glass top, you need a special cleaner. Though you don’t have to use it all the time whenever you are cleaning.


Keeping in mind these things, there are also certain things you have to determine before you set out to buy a kitchen range. The first thing you must find out is the area of the cooking space in order to decide on the right size of the kitchen. Measure the area of the cooking space in your kitchen and determine the size of the kitchen range you require. While deciding on the size of the kitchen range, consider the size of your family.

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