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Updated on 12 Apr 2010, Published on 08 Apr 2010

What are the top qualities men want in women? Well if you sit down to think of those then you will find yourself in a more confused state of mind. This is because like all women, even men are a little fussy about what they really want their women to be like. Starting from physical appearance to how they carry themselves to how they present themselves as a keen housewife, the list is pretty long. Yet there are certain set of qualities which they want in a woman to make her the perfect and ideal girlfriend.

However, the traits that men look for, may vary from individual to individual. Depending on the type of relationship they are looking for, the traits that men look for, may differ widely. Following are some of the qualities that men want in women:

1) Men like women who are feminine by nature. It can be said that men themselves lack this trait and thus they are attracted to it. Feminine here does not mean being weak, dependent or insecure, it rather means being delicate, soft, kind-hearted and caring.

2) Men like women who are confident, intelligent and not very submissive. When we say submissive, it doesn't mean that you must be stubborn. It means to stand up for your own rights for what you deserve.

3) During the initial courtship, men like women who flirt around without any sexual touch. They don't like women making the first move or making any comments that are overtly sexual.

4) Men like women with long hair. They get smitten by it and get feverish. Also men are particular about the physical appearance of how a woman looks. They are generally attracted to women slightly shorter than them with a body mass equal to or shorter than them.

5) Men tend to fall in love quicker with women who are more understanding. They like women who can accept them as they are and understand their problems, who comfort them instead of nagging them.

Other than these, there are also a number of other traits that men seek. Dedication, flexibility, directness, honesty etc. are some of the other traits that men want in their women. Also they like women who are independent and have a life of their own. In short, they don't like those who become a burden to them.

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