Remarriage Statistics and Facts will Shock You

Updated on 12 Feb 2010, Published on 12 Feb 2010

Most people who have been divorced end up remarrying without realizing whether they are ready or not to take the extreme step. Moving from one extreme to another extreme is a difficult decision to make. Yet most people decide to go ahead with it. As per statistics, about 75% of those couple who divorced ends re-marrying.

According to the statistics compiled in the year 2002 by the National Center for Health Services, 54% of divorced women remarry within 5 years and 75% of divorced women remarry within 10 years. And comparatively white women are most likely to re-marry than black women.

The record further states that 15% of second marriages especially of black women are most likely to end after 3 years. In the US, 47% of first marriages end up in divorce and 60-80% of remarriages end up in divorce. According to these records, only 1-3 % of affairs resulted in successful lifelong marriages. As compared to the statistics of remarriage in the year 1922, the rate of remarriage is much higher in the year 1988. However, this rate dropped greatly during the Great Depression.

According to the 2007 US Census Bureau report, in the year 2004, 12% of men married twice whereas the number of women getting married again reached to 13%. About 3% married more than three times. Among those who were 15 years or older, 58% of women and 54% of men married just once. According to newer reports, first marriage tends to last for about 8 years. Those who remarry seemed to wait for about three and a half years to take the extreme step. 52% of men and 44% of women who are of 25 years of age or older remarried.

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