Most Romantic Questions for Couples

Updated on 29 May 2009, Published on 11 Feb 2009

Love is that fire which requires a dash of romance at regular intervals to keep it ignited forever and to add that dash of romance, Top54u team brings to you another interesting article. If you want to become a perfect couple, then all you have to do is just go through the following account published exclusively for couples and try to answer the questions honestly. The romantic questions for couples would act as a source of introspection as well as help a good deal in strengthening the bond of their lovely relationship. So what are you waiting for? Read on:

1.) Who do you think is more romantic out of the two of you?

2.) What is your most favorite as well as least favorite romantic habit of your partner?

3.) Do you have any fantasy which you have not shared with your loved one?

4.) What is the most cherish-able moment of your relationship?

5.) Do you give more kisses to your partner or get more from him/her?

6.) What is the cheesiest compliment you got from your loved one?

7.) How many children would you like to have?

8.) Where would you want to go for your second honeymoon and what would you want to do there?

9.) What is the most attractive body part of your partner?

10.) Which is your favorite place for love-making (location for having sex) with your partner? (Besides bedroom) Choose quickie (we mean quickly).

Every couple should answer the above mentioned questions and lay down the foundation of a much stronger and romantic relationship. We hope that the above account would be extremely beneficial in maintaining the charm of your beautiful relationship and would make you nothing but the perfect couples. Best of Luck!

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Feel absolutely free to share your precious views, inputs, queries or experiences!

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