Shorter Men Problems - Heightism, Workplace Discrimination

Updated on 01 Sep 2009, Published on 01 Sep 2009

Men come in all sizes and shapes and nothing can be done about it as it has already been structured genetically. This tends to create problems for shorter men when it comes to buying clothes, accessories or even dating women. Not only these, shorter men are subjected to racism which is popularly known as heightism, workplace discrimination etc. There are as such no solutions to these problems. The only way out is to be more confident, improve their appearance and be witty enough to deal with any situations. Let’s take a closer look to the problems faced by most of the shorter men.

Problems Related To Buying Clothes

Most of the stores out there, house clothes and accessories for tall men only which compels shorter men to reach out far and wide to get clothes that fit just their size. At times, they may have to go through embarrassing situations while shopping as they always have to look out at the children’s section to find the clothes that fit them. Shorter men are exposed to very limited variety to choose from and thus they have no other option rather than to go for tailored suits. This sometimes may lead them to lag behind as far as the fashion trend is concerned as they have to very particular in choosing their dress.

Workplace Discrimination

Repeated surveys have revealed that shorter men are subjected to discrimination at their workplace as compared to their taller colleagues. It was also pointed out that taller men have the privilege of higher salary and promotion prospects. Shorter men are thrift by nature. Even when it comes to job recruitments, when two candidates with similar bio-data except for the height for the same job the one who is taller is being hired. As per reports by Economic times, most of the business tycoons are 6 feet tall or more. Even in the professional rankings those who are taller hold higher positions.


Social prejudices are very commonly seen among shorter men. These indifferent attitudes of the society are generally referred to as heightism. People with shorter heights especially among men are referred to as suffering from Napoleonic syndrome. This relates to some sort of racism which lowers the morale and self esteem of the individual and thus influences their future. A number of laws have been made to protect discrimination against women child and many other issues but so far there are no such laws that protect shorter men.

All these factors contribute to the individual’s lack of courage and confidence. They begin to develop submissive behavior and tend to remain aloof and stuck up there. This discourages them from dating taller women and even if they are dating, they fail to consummate their relationship in long-term relationship. Thus whether short or tall, as such hardly makes any difference. All that you need is compose yourself with full authority and project yourself as no less than anyone else.

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2 Responses to "Shorter Men Problems - Heightism, Workplace Discrimination"

I'm a short guy myself, and I used to feel sorry for myself. Until the day I realised that actually nobody cares. I am really the only person who has a problem with my height. So I don't believe in this discrimination idea. Short guys don't get the promotion, because we tend to be insecure. That's it.

I believe that if you can somehow get over your insecurities, your height won't be a problem.

As for women being attracted to taller men. That's true, but for any short man to complain about that pathetic. Sure it sucks, but if you complain you're a hypocrite.
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