Should Parents be Punished for their Teens Actions?

Updated on 03 Mar 2009, Published on 03 Mar 2009

Parents play an all-important role in shaping up the future of their child. A role model parent can act as a guiding force for a child whereas a careless and irresponsible parent is bound to spoil the immature teen. Many a times, we come across incidents where teens commit serious offences especially drunk driving, stealing or drug addictions and create nuisance for the society. Now the question arises, should parents be punished for their teens’ actions! The question is indeed a tricky one and the following account would highlight the answer to this parenting problem.

Punishing the parents for the deeds of their teens sounds somewhat similar to punishing the cow because the calf strayed into the field and damaged the crop. However, there is no denying the fact that parents are responsible to a great extent for the behavior of their teens but it would be wrong to punish them. If the child plays truant then you just can’t blame his/her mother or father for this as they would have never told him/her to bunk the classes. If the teen is committing crimes, then he/she is doing no good to the family. No decent family or parent would ever want their teen to bring bad name to their family.

However, there are some parents who need to be punished as they compel their teen towards crimes, dragging him/her into the bad world and making him/her a blot on the society. The parents who could not spend time with their kids and knowingly spoil their child in order to cover up their flaw or those who push their wards into the bad world for their personal benefits, such parents should be punished at any cost.   

We hope the above account would be very much helpful for you in highlighting a solution to this problem. Opinions may differ but the truth is that good parents should only be rewarded (for bearing up with such weird and uncontrollable teens) and never be punished. One has the right to punish the good parents only if there is any provision of rewarding them.

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