Signs He is Trying to make me Jealous

Updated on 06 Jul 2010, Published on 09 Dec 2008

As a Russian proverb goes ‘jealousy and love are sisters’, and where there is love, it is accompanied with a feeling of jealousy. So all you ladies out there get ready to find out how men react in order to make you jealous as men have become intelligent enough and know very well how to make women jealous? The following are some of the signs which indicate that he is trying to make you jealous:

(1.) Flirting: Flirting with other women is one of the most common sign that he is trying to make you jealous. Men often use this weapon of flirting to make women jealous. You would start seeing him pretty often with beautiful ladies and flirting with them would appear to be his forte. He would look confidence personified and would talk to other girls in front of you with smiles for everyone.

(2.) Incomplete praise: Men use incomplete phrases or one-liners to praise you in such a manner that you would feel jealous. For example: ‘Wow! You are looking sweet but ……..’ or ‘You are an awesome companion but still I feel you should……’ and so on to keep you guessing and confused. Also, men may praise some female celebrities in order to make you jealous.

(3.) Comparison: Comparing you with someone else is enough to make you jealous. This is one of the most effective methods which men use in order to make women jealous. He would look at other women and start comparing your assets as well as specifications with them, making you feel envious.

(4.) Ignoring you completely: Most men use this formula to ignite the fire of jealousy in you. If he is not picking up your calls, not answering your voice-mails, behaving as if you don’t exist and so on, then all these are nothing but some signs to make you jealous. He would spend more time on the phone and whenever you would ask who was on the phone then he would say that it was a female friend.

(5.) Darling, Baby, I love you: If your man calls other ladies with the names ‘darling or baby’, then you are bound to get jealous and he knows it very well and that’s why he is using these words for them and not for you. There is another trick used by men to make you feel envy and that is saying a feminine name other than yours while having sex accompanied by ‘I love you’. For example suppose if your name is Jennifer, then he would say ‘Amanda! I love you’. This would make you suspicious about your partner’s loyalty, making you feel jealous.

The above 5 were the signs which provide ample indication about your man is making you feel jealous.

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This is the most retarded, idiotic, and worthless thing I've ever read.
i feeel nothing
Name says all.

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