Signs Of A Cheating Wife

Updated on 23 Jan 2009, Published on 19 Dec 2007

Know the signs of a cheating wife if you want to find out if your wife is cheating on you or is it just an illusion of your insecurities. With the changing times, advancement in culture, the relationships are suffering a setback. And this is the reason for the increasing insecurities, cheating cases and divorces among the married or unmarried couples.

With the changing times,  words have lost their true meanings  due to the evil polluted minds, like:

  1. love into lust
  2. relationships into breaking relationships
  3. life partner into sex partner
  4. promises into fake promises
  5. marriage into divorce

The true meanings have eloped away without a trace! This is really unfortunate! A husband is searching on the net on how to cheat your wife and the wife is searching for the tips on how to cheat a husband... Then who the hell forced them to get married!

I mean, if they cannot live up to their promises, then why do not remain bachelors and bachelorettes?Nobody has the right to cheat anybody's emotions like this. And if you, being a husband, are a victim of a cheating wife, then you should know how to find it out if this is truth or not.

Here they are to help you out, so that a conclusion is drawn about this relationship should be continued or not:

1. Her changing behavior- If you find that she does not prefer to share any of her experiences or problems with you anymore, then she has somebody else for this. This you have to find out now. If your wife gets irritated with you easily on trivial matters or whenever you ask her anything about how she spent her day, then this means she is not feeling interested to talk to you.

2. Her changing outlook all of a sudden- A remarkable change in her dressing sense, the way she maintains her hair, her frequent visits to beauty parlor or hair salon, her new wardrobe collection maybe a sign that she is cheating on you and is trying to attract someone of the opposite sex.

3. Her new friends from the same job- Going outdoors with the so-called new friends or colleagues could be an indication of infidelity. She wants you to get secure thinking that she has gone with her friends.

4. Long computer sittings- If you find that even on the weekends, she does not devote any time to your relationship. She spends maximum time working on the computer because online chatting is the safest channel for her to be in touch with her new man without letting you catch her infidelity. It also makes it easier for her to fix a date with her new found love secretly.

5. Her mobile phone- Keeping her own mobile with her all the time is not a good news for you. This means that she does not want you to catch her extramarital affair. She may get a call anytime, and this worries her.

6. Her absense from home- When she enjoys staying away from home and is always in a hurry to go somewhere or the other, then this means that there is something more important for her outside.

7. Your kids being neglected- Finding your kids being neglected when you are not there, shows that either she does not stay at home in your absense or she is busy with her new man on her mobile or computer.

8. Her sudden lavish lifestyle- Her new habit of spending too much on frivolous things, then this means that she is no longer concerned of her family problems or needs. Her own needs have become the first priority for her.

9. Her sexual habits- A sudden change in her sexual attitude towards you- getting too romantic (thinking of somebody else) or shirking to get physical with you (not attracted towards you). Her new sexual habits indicate a new sex partner in her life.

10. Her wedding ring absent- She will no longer be wearing her wedding ring that is the symbol of your love for her. Because now she is not interested in you anymore and has a new attraction in her life. Neither she wants to think of you when she is in the arms of somebody else, nor she wants the other man to discover that she is married.

So, now you will find it easier to find out if your wife is cheating on you or not.


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1 Responses to "Signs Of A Cheating Wife"

I use to see these signs but it was still hard to know for sure. Until she admitted it. If i didn't catch her or she didn't admit would been hard to tell.

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