Signs of Commitment Phobia in Men

Updated on 31 Jan 2009, Published on 30 Jan 2009

Commitment Phobia is a sort of reluctance to commit oneself to any person or any relationship, gradually this reluctance changes into a syndrome making the person over-critical, fearful of getting trapped and it gets on his/her nerves that he/she is going to lose his/her freedom. A relationship is to a commitment phobic, what Iraq is to George W Bush. (The comparison is awesome). The number of such men is comparatively more than that of their female counterparts. So we would throw some more light on commitment phobic men. You must have heard or read that “Genes are responsible for this commitment syndrome” but getting the testing of the genes done before getting into relationship with someone is a bit difficult as well as very much weird thing to do.

Now you must be wondering about how to identify such a man? Well! There are some commonly noticeable signs of commitment phobia in men which would answer all your queries. The first and foremost thing to notice is whether your man is actually yours. Most of the men who are phobic to any sort of commitment have a history which they never want you to know. If they had been married then of course the marriage would not have lasted long. Such men are more prone to get into many acts of infidelity or cheating. You have to observe the fact that He’s just not that into you!

They keep on shifting jobs more frequently and the reasons for this is nothing but that just the lack of commitment. They get annoyed after a period of time and act desperate to be a free bird. You would notice that he would often back out at the last time spoiling some pre-planned program. Though it has also been seen that they are extremely romantic but the fact is that they are just flirting. The last but definitely not the least sign is that they prefer lust to love. So it becomes all the more important for you to find out whether is it love or lust?

We hope the above account would play a significant role in understanding some of the characteristics of Commitment phobic men and you would avoid being in any sort of relationship with such men keeping the above mentioned signs in your mind.

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