Signs of Jealousy in Friendship

Updated on 22 Jan 2009, Published on 21 Jan 2009

Friendship is one of the best things that can ever happen to a human being. Best Friends divide the sorrows and multiply the joys. But we must not forget that there is a very thin line between true friends and pretenders. Now the first thing that comes to mind is about identifying those pretenders. Well! Jealousy is the basic symptom, which can differentiate between great friends and fake friends. There are some signs of jealousy in friendship which must never be taken lightly or else they would result in making you chew a sour pill. Just go through the following friendship jealousy signs:


1. The first and foremost sign of friendship jealousy is when you get a friend-cum-nagger. If you have any friend who is fond of criticizing you in public for your dress, actions or for anything, then it is highly recommended to say goodbye to this person who believes in destructive criticism. The same rule applies to you because friendship jealousy is a double-edged sword.

2. If you or your friend say all the bad words for your or his/her ex but talks to him/her without his/your knowledge then you as well as your friend should hear the warning bells saying ‘Beware of a Backstabber friend, A backstabber can never be a good friend.'

3. If you or your friend is fond of taking credits for everything, is a narcissist or is a selfish then it is a sure shot sign that your friendship is definitely not a long-lasting one. A type of jealousy is bound to creep in your relationship.

4. If you or your friend hide something from each other, or instead of sharing something important, you or your friend prefers to keep it a secret, then your friendship is definitely not on the right track.

5. The last but definitely not the least sign of friendship jealousy is that if your have a picture of some friend of yours in your mind while reading the signs, then it implies that the feeling of jealousy has already crept in your friendship.

The Top 5 Signs of jealousy in friendship would act as an eye opener for those who take these signs lightly. Do remember that when it comes to friendship Jealousy, prevention is much better than cure.'

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