Signs of True Friendship

Updated on 22 Jan 2009, Published on 21 Jan 2009

A Jewish Saying goes, "Who finds a friend, finds a Treasure." But as the life is becoming complex day by day with jealousy and treachery being the primary motives behind any relationship, finding a treasure might be an easy thing to do as compared to finding a true friend. But instead of getting disappointed, you should just take into consideration some important tips to cherish the treasure of true friendship. However, if you have already found the treasure then just go through the following signs of true friendship, which would help you do a bit of introspection about your relationship.

1. First Priority: The first and foremost sign of a true friend is that he/she blindly follows the saying by Kahlil Gibran, ‘Let your best be for your friend.........' A true Friendship follows the etiquette ‘After You' when it comes to something good and on the top of the priority list of the friends is nothing but the word, 'Friendship'.

2. Mutual Respect: The flower of friendship blossoms when there is mutual respect between friends. When each friend respects everything about his/her friend/friends be it the opinions or the privacy. They love each other and this selfless love is expressed through the mutual respect for each other.

3. Mutual Understanding: A True friend understands even the words unsaid. The level of mutual understanding is a sure shot sign that your friendship is on the right track. A friend in need is a friend indeed is an old saying; a friendship is true if the friend makes the other friend realise that the need is not too big to make the friend feel helpless. Good friends understands the importance of friendship as well as the importance of being there when someone needs them the most.

4. Tackling Disagreements: It is not that best friends never fight or have disagreements, but they know how to forget the bitter past, forgive each other, have healthy arguments, and tackle disagreements in a friendly way. True friends never let any minor disagreement affect their relationship and instead of bottling up thoughts they share everything.

5. Some other signs: Some other signs of a true friendship include no grudges, no jealousy, no bitching, no backstabbing, no nagging and just constructive criticism. The friend should have all the qualities of a great friend, only then you can call it a True friendship. It is just not a give and take relationship, but a give and give relationship.

The top 5 signs of true friendship plays a significant role in laying down the foundation of a strong bond of lovely and life-long relationship. If you notice these signs in your friends, then you are lucky enough to find a treasure indeed.

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2 Responses to "Signs of True Friendship"

It looks like I'm the lst and only reply, which makes me feel that this topic is only important too me. However, the tips were very helpful in helping me to feel that what I understand and still learning is on a good path. Thank you!!!
Siffatullah Saqib
The sign of friendship is yellow flowers and trust & confident.

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