Signs your Marriage is Over

Updated on 31 Jan 2009, Published on 30 Jan 2009

Marriage is not only about love between a husband and wife, adjustments also play a significant role in keeping this relationSHIP sailing smoothly forever. But the point to be noted is that not all married couples know the art of adjustment and that is what leads to differences in the relationship. It has also been seen that people keep on dragging a marriage for no use and the reason for this is that they could not decide the time to move on. The following are some signs which clearly indicate that your marriage is over, though we wish these signs should never be observed in your married life:

1.) Repeated Cheating: The first and foremost sign highlighting that a husband-wife relationship has become nothing but some sort of a formality is when there is repeated infidelity or cheating from either of the two spouses. If you are sure that your spouse is having a relationship with someone else, then it is no use dragging a future-less relationship. 

2.) More frequent fights: When you and your spouse have fights then it implies that you are a married couple but when you start fighting more frequently and too without any genuine reason then it is just not a great sign for your relationship.

3.) No Intimacy: Besides physical intimacy, emotional intimacy is also very much needed to maintain the charm of a marriage. When there is no conversation between the two spouses and that too for a very long period of time, then one should hear the warning bells as soon as possible.  No sex at all (of course when your age permits you to do so) is a sure shot sign that it is all over.

4.) Domestic violence: Where there is domestic violence and a person prefers being in the relaionship hoping that circumstances would change someday then that person is hugely mistaken. The fact is that the vicious circle of Domestic violence is a clear sign that you are in a bad relationship.

5.) The last but definitely not the least sign which clearly indicates that it is time to move on is that while reading the signs you are thinking about your spouse with feelings full of hatred. If you have not seen his/her face for a long period of time and you don’t mind if the present scenario continues forever then this sign clearly indicates that your marriage is over.

The top 5 are some clear signs to tell you that your marriage is dead and the onus is on you as when you understand this fact, the sooner the better. Again we would like to remind you that adjustments are to a marriage, what oxygen is to a human being. Wishing you a happy married life, Best of luck!

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