Statistics of the Dangers of Chatting Online

Updated on 19 Feb 2009, Published on 18 Feb 2009

In our times of internet, more and more people are getting addicted to online chatting without looking at the disadvantages of this necessary evil. The statistics of the dangers of chatting online throw ample light on the ugly side of this gift of internet. A recent report highlighted the fact that chatting is to be blamed for about 40% of the divorces taking place on the basis of cheating. Both men as well as women are found to be indulged somewhat equally in crossing the limits of decency. About 55% of men and 45% of the women are found to be flirting on the web by crossing the limit of flirting.

Another not so surprising outcome of this report is that this vicious circle of chatting online has mostly affected our youth. The traffic in the chat rooms is made up of the users in the age-group or 13 to 30. They could not differentiate beween the genuinity and fakeness of the person with whom they are sharing their personal information. The rate of cyber crimes is increasing at an alarming rate and the statistics of 80% crimes starting with chatting is enough to highlight that online chatting is the first step towards doom. It has also been seen that most of the innocent users have fell a prey to cyber stalkers, maniacs and predators on the net. Such people are not only in a habit of spamming and sending viruses but also commit many inhuman crimes such as kidnapping, sexual abuse, blackmailing etc.         

The innocents can’t stop themselves from getting under the awe of this misguiding world. They exchange their email addresses to strangers and gradually reveal information about themselves as well as about their family’s financial status. The parents are not aware about their children’s activities and that is a serious thing of concern. There is no denying the fact that there are many advantages of online chatting yet when disadvantages are more than that of advantages then common sense recommends to take the required precautions. So make sure you use the internet and not let it grab any opportunity to use you.

We hope the above account would be beneficial to understand the dangers of online chatting and you would do the needful to avoid getting into any sort of trouble because of this internet boon cum bane. Best of Luck!

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