How To Teach Children About Good Touch And Bad Touch

Updated on 30 Apr 2010, Published on 30 Apr 2010

Educating your children about good touch and bad touch is of primary importance in order to protect them from child abuse. When your children grows up it is not possible to be always around to protect them. So it is a vital part to educated them about abuse, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, by-stander responsibility, internet safety, stranger danger rules etc. All these are essential for the children to know because this will make a better understanding of what good and bad touch is all about.

Teaching these things to your children is important in order to make them capable of defending themselves. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their children are safe and to make them learn how to stay clear of these elements by identifying them. Following are some of the things that must be taught to your children about good and bad touches:

1) Make your children understand that their body belongs to them only and no one has the right to intrude in her sovereignty without ther permission. Let them understand that they have every right to say "No" if they don't like or feel comfortable when the person touches them.

2) Make your children understand the difference between good and bad touches. Good touches are those kisses and hugs that you get from your parents and grand-parents. And bad touches are those that makes you feel uncomfortable and bad. It is not because you are bad but because the person touching you is bad. Let them know this clear demarcation between the two.

3) Encourage your children to touch their inner voice, mind and body. It is a way of the body to remind us that something is very wrong. Let them know that the inner voice is the most difficult thing they can rely on in times of difficulty.

4) Make your children realize the fact that if they give in to the threats of the offenders, then they will surely become a victim. do encourage them to be bold enough to speak up everything instead of keeping secrets.

5) Educate a bit about the law of the state to make them understand that bad touches and other form of abuses are against the law. Assure them that there are strict rules and regulations to protect their safety.

Children often tend to be a victim of such things during their childhood and so to protect them from such experiences, it is important to inculcate them with such knowledge once they begin to understand things. Though it might not be possible to talk with them directly on issues such as this but you can at least arm them with the tools to ensure their safety. Love and support are the key tools for a parent to protect their children.

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