Things Men Notice About Women the Most - Laws of Attraction

Updated on 09 Feb 2010, Published on 09 Feb 2010

Opposites attract and this is one main reason why most of the men and women are attracted to each other. Because of the differences in their attitude, characters and expression, men are more drawn to women and the truth remains the same for women as well. The fairer sex gets a boost to their ego when an opposite sex gives that ultimate look at them. And in a bid to sway men off their feet, they try all sorts of things by getting in to their head and trying to get to know the things that men notice in them.

But hold on ladies! There are certain things which your guy might not tell you but might look for in you. Men aren't just drawn to a woman who has the perfect figure, the perfect smile or mesmerizing eyes. Also, not everyone is blessed with these attributes. There are a number of things that guys look for when they meet a girl. Here in this article, let's discuss just few of them:

1) Hands: Men like to notice the movement of your hands and study it intensely. They love to see how you grip objects of different shapes and sizes that appeal your hands. Get a proper manicure done and also pay importance to the complexion of your hands as they portray daintiness and strength. Even if the man is not a hand holder, your hands can tempt him to hold them.

2) Hair: It doesn't matter whether your hair has split ends or not but what matters is the sweet smell of your hair and its looks. Tidy up your hair and watch out for the magic it does. It can simply do simple actions that can provoke powerful emotions. So learn to know how to do your hair properly and take proper care of them.

3) Attitude and Figure: Whether you have the perfect figure or not, if you look feminine, then men will, for sure, drool on you. This is one such asset of a woman which is simply irresistible for the guys. Your attitude that goes along with your femininity is also important. A calm, well-composed and feminine attitude is all that you need to be the queen of their hearts. Be coy but also be a little candid.

4) Outfit: What you wear is also quite important. This, however, does not mean that you get all dressed up for the date or go on a shopping spree to get just the right kind of dress. All that we mean is to wear something that may make you look presentable.

5) Cleavage: Men like to look at the chest of the women. So learn to  flaunt it in an elegant manner. This does not mean that you must unbutton your shirt and walk around. All that is required to tacitly flaunt it without any vulgarity attached to it.

6) Smile: Your smile is, what can work wonders for you. A smiling face is like a mirror to your personality and mind. Whether you are a woman of substance or not, your smile will automatically show it. And always remember to smile from heart as a fake smile is a major turn off for men.

7) Make-up: What is make-up? It is an art of enhancing your better features, making them the best and lightening the features or spots of your face that you don't want to highlight. There is no idea of applying layers and layers of make-up just to prove what you are not indeed. Large eyes made small, dark complexion made fairer is not the justice you are doing just to impress a guy and making him fall in love with the beauty that is not real.

Other than the above points there are also a couple of other things like how you smell, your compassion, confidence level etc. All this things come to the picture when a guy looks at you. To some, it might sound vague but attention to vanity is important when it comes to love. So to widen your scope of meeting the number of men keep these things in mind.

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1 Responses to "Things Men Notice About Women the Most - Laws of Attraction"

As a guy, I agree with this article.

I never really noticed the hands thing though, and I don't care much for tonnes of cleavage showing or lots make-up either. I just don't find huge boobs very attractive.

The most attractive traits in my opinion are smell, hair figure.

Even if you're pretty, you're just gonna be another pretty girl... and there are lots of those already.

Without intelligence and personality there's very little to set you apart from all the other pretty girls.

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