Time to Move on - Relationship Advice

Updated on 23 Jan 2009, Published on 26 Jun 2008

Time to move on - How will you come to know?

Someone is very special to you! Just at the sight of him/her, there comes a shine in your eyes and a strong desire to make that someone special yours forever! The world looks so very beautiful and you feel at the top of the world!

But when is the right time to move on and say goodbye to a relationship? Well! Speaking very frankly, no counselor can sail you out of this sinking relationSHIP situation, until and unless, you yourself make up your mind and take this all important decision.

However, what we can do is help you out by giving you some indications of a futureless relationship!

The Primary advice to put an end to a relationship is, move out of the relationship immediately after it becomes violent. Just move on from a relationship, that gives you nothing, but bloody blows.

The following are some of the hints as when you should start introspection of ending up a relationship:

1) The First and foremost sign of a dying relationship is, that it loses its warmth and all those beautiful things which used to charm you, start irritating you.

2) When the three magic words, "I Love you" which are the foundation of every good relationship, become ineffective and gradually you and your spouse start to wonder whether these words are there even in the dictionary or not!

3) When the presence of your spouse, makes you feel like a chained prisoner or when the presence of your spouse doesn’t concern you at all.

4) The sure-shot hint to call off a relationship is, when it loses its emotional integrity.

5) When the kiss becomes just a cold and quick formality and the ever enticing SEX becomes only a one-way affair.

6) When everything you do is found to be at fault by your spouse or whatever your spouse does, is found to be at fault by you.

7) When you and your spouse fight too very often and that too without any reason.

8) When your spouse doesn’t reply to your messages and voice mails and vice-a-versa from your side.

9) When your spouse comes late in the night and you don’t care about, where he/she was.

10) When you sense something "fishy" about your spouse.

If you find yourself in any of the above situations, then try a bit of introspection and you will get the required answer.

Do remember that, "Every relationship is like a plant, so keep watering it with lots of love and affection to save it from dying" but if every effort goes ineffective, then it is better to move on and put an end to that relationship, as someone who is really special to you, is definitely waiting for you.


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Men have always been on a quest for love. Finding the true partner is never ending. Man has employed the help of witchcraft, and every conceivable ways just to find that elusive perfect partner in life. Some or a growing number have turned to astrology and the horoscope. Can it finally find the best partner and make things better?

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