Tips on How to find the right guy

Updated on 23 Jun 2008, Published on 23 Jun 2008

How to find the right guy

To find the right guy, is a very difficult task indeed. We bother ourselves with the thought that when will we meet the right man. But little do we find them. Sometimes, we are so self conscious that we hid ourselves in our own cocoon and wait for the Mr. Right to come and rescue us from our isolation, usually the Cinderella story types which we used to read when we were kids.

But ladies… Grow up…!! You are no longer kids now to drool over your dreamland and fantasize about the ‘Prince charming’ or the knights with armor to come in pursuit of you. To meet the right kind of person, you need to open up, have the right attitude, and be bold and daring. And when I say this, it is applicable to the women from all walks of life. You might have gone through serious affair which ended up probably, but do not lose heart, for he was not meant for you, let me put it this way: he was not the right person for you.

So, do not stress yourself with vague thoughts, instead, come out of your closet, put in a little effort to adorn yourself and explore to find the Mr. Right. Who knows he might be waiting for you right there.

Here are some tips to help you find the right man and what you should look for in them:

1) Know yourself: yes the first step on how to find the right man is to know yourself and your wants and to understand your own desires perfectly. At least, do not fake your personality to yourself. You must trust your sixth sense and do not force yourself over something which you do not really feel.

2) Patience: yes patience counts a lot. To find the right man is not a ‘must do’ task so keep your pace slow and steady. Look around but carefully. Don’t just narrow down your search to those who come your way. Know the difference between Mr. Available and Mr. Right.

3) Probe yourself about wherein does your interest lie. And hang out to those places, chances are likely that you might find someone who shares your interest and could turn out to be the right person for you.

4) Be open to meet new people and don’t shy away from talking to them. Hang out at coffee bars, join volunteer work, widen your friend circle, and do not be overawed by past mistakes, learn from it as we learn from our mistakes and experiences.

5) Look for someone who is courteous and considerate, who is likely to take good care of you and treat you nicely.

6) Find a man who is confident and knows how to carry himself, who has a passion and an ambition but do not fall for his potential.

7) Treat him the way you like to be treated and do not let your friends and family set up a standard for the man you want to be with.

8) Be adventurous and be open to blind dates, matchmaking services, dating sites etc.

9) If you are dating someone whom you feel is not the right man for you then dump him right away for carrying an extra baggage will instead lower your chances of meeting the right man.

10) Do not over estimate yourself and aim for unrealistic expectations. Don’t be very picky, no one is perfect, so even the guys tend to make mistake. Do not be superfluous.

Lastly, get a life for yourself. The right man is not going to come and change your life all over like the touch of a magic wand. So you need to bring about the changes in yourself. That is to say, you must be the Miss. Right to find the Mr. Right. So learn to be more interesting, fun loving and be a sport. All the best!!!


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4 Responses to "Tips on How to find the right guy"

White Girll
I love this article. It made me think a lot about finding the right guy. I have guys that like me but at the same time i don't like any. Well there is one, and he is so nice, buy his not the cutest either. I really want to date him but at the same time i don't. The reason why is because i talk to many other guys and i don't want to loose them, cause i have a boyfriend. It really sucks, i have no clue what to do!!!!!!!! HELPP PLEASE! & i know if i don't take a chance i won't loose anything, but what if i miss a great guy?
hope this helps you out
I don't like this article. The pretext is that women dont find the "right guy" because they're immature little girls waiting for prince charming. I never had a cinderella story book and my parents are divorced. They were also anti-disney and did not buy me any of the storybooks or other things that other kids had. I dont expect much from a man, just someone I can get along with, and I haven't found that yet. So it is not as easy as just giving up "girlish fantasies" ---it is actually hard to find good people and make a true connection. In fact, in my life I have come across many, many men that are deluded with romantic fantasy and are always seeking out a very idealistic image of the perfect woman, which doesn't exist.

Stop stereotyping women, and giving such one-sided advice.

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